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Regulatory documents

These translations are made in an effort to make the guild more approachable for international students and members. However, none of these documents shall be seen as official or ruling, in all cases, the swedish version applies over the english version. If you have any questions regarding how you should interpret any paragraph of the regulatory documents you are free to contact the president or the board.

The activities of the F-guild are governed by a number of policy documents.

By laws

At the top we have the guild's by laws, which regulate the most basic pillars of the guild's functioning, such as the guild's board, auditing, membership and the procedure for guild meetings. Changes to the by laws must be approved at two consecutive guild meetings and then ratified by the Council at TLTH. If there are differences between the by laws and another governing document, the by laws apply.


The regulations are a complement to the statutes. They provide more detailed information on how the activities should be carried out. All committees and volunteer positions are defined in the regulations. A change in the regulations requires a vote at a section meeting with at least a 2/3 majority.


The value base is a complement to the other documents that should form the basis for decisions taken in the section.


The guild has a number of policy documents that regulate specific parts of the activities such as guild meetings, thanks to officials and the economy. A change in a policy requires a vote at a guild meeting with at least 2/3 majority.




Equal treatment




Policy is defined as a document that guides the management of the Section's property and premises. Policies may be established by the board and investigated by the board at the request of members. Policies established by a guild meeting cannot be changed by the board.







The business plan

The business plan describes the objectives of the F-guild's activities during the financial year. The board is responsible for ensuring that the business plan is followed.

The equality plan

The equality plan, like the business plan, describes the goals of the F-guild's activities during the year with a focus on equal treatment. It is the board together with the Committee for Student Equality that is responsible for ensuring that the equality plan is followed.

Sustainability plan

The sustainability plan describes how the F-guild's work on sustainability should look like to reduce the guild's environmental and climate impact. The board is responsible for the plan as a whole, with any committee chairs responsible for the various committee-specific parts.


The budget describes how the guild's financial resources should be spent. The policy for financial management describes in more detail how this should be done and who is responsible for the budget for each profit centre.

Guild meeting minutes.

The section meeting minutes state what the section has discussed and decided at section meetings.

Board meeting minutes

The minutes of the board meeting show what the board has discussed and decided at board meetings.

Statutes of the Order of Hilbert Älg.

The Order of the Hilbert Elk is the guild's highest award, and is governed by the statutes in the above document.