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Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit web sites or applications. The web page or application can then retrieve these cookies from your browser (eg Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge) each time you visit the site. With the help of cookies, the page may recognize you, remember your preferences and provide you with a more secure online experience.

Generally, cookies are very useful and is used by almost every web page you visit to make your online experience as seamless as possible. Because of security reasons, some web pages do not work at all if cookies are disabled.

Cookies do not usually use the information to identify a person, but rather information to identify a browser on a specific computer, tablet or mobile phone.

If you prefer, you can restrict, block or delete cookies by changing the browser settings. This can lead to websites not working properly. To read more about how cookies affects you and your web use, visit Mina Cookies.