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The Board

The board is the instance that has the highest authority in the guild beside the guild assembly, and consists of the chairman of the board, the president of the guild, the Vice President of the guild, the secretary and four board members. The board has decisions right in some questions regarding the economy and the function of the guild, and is also working with more long term questions.

There are held regular board meetings to discuss and make decisions. If you have an idea regarding the guild, or just want to participate in the discussion during the meetings, you are very welcome to join. The meetings are usually held Tuesdays odd numbered weeks at 17.15 in the board room. If you have a question you wish to add to the board's agenda, contact the chairman of the board, and if you wish to be summoned to the board's meetings, write to board meetings.

The following link is a guide to how the board meetings work: A guild member's guide to board meetings

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