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Fall Term Election 2017

Closing in:

Read more about the election here

Johanna Engman 19:41, 18 Oct 2017

Föset is now evaluating the introduction weeks

Sofie Hellmark 15:41, 6 Oct 2017

Hi! This evaluation is made to make the introduction weeks better for the future. To get a good view on the introduction weeks we would like your opinions. We would appreciate if you could spare some time to answer this form!

Report from meetings regarding the working environment

Maria Gunnarsson 14:07, 13 Oct 2017

During the past weeks there have been several meetings regarding the working environment in the Math buildning, the Math annex and Fysicum. Here are some information about what is going on, and what has been done to improve things for us. If you have questions about something, feel free to e-mail us at or

  • In Fysicum there are plenty of group rooms with whiteboards that we can use.
  • The ventilation in the Math building is functioning also during weekends. If you experience that the ventilation works poorly, send in a complaint to Akademiska hus, you can find a link to where you can do that on our website.
  • If several of the microwave ovens in the Math building doesn’t work at the same time there is probably a broken fuse. Contact the janitor in case that happens.
  • There will be an upgrade of the computer network, and it’s expected to be done during the summer. The work will be quite noisy, and that’s why it won’t be done before.
  • The lighting has been replaced in all the corridors in the Math building, and during the winter break work will be done with the lightings in the foyer and in Hilbert café. In the beginning of next year we will also get many more lunch- and study places in the foyer.
  • In the crossing south of the Math bulding there is a quite bad traffic situation, and due to that a speedometer has been installed on Tornavägen to reduce the speed and the hedge outside of Sydskånska nationen has been cut to improve the visibility.

/Helena Hallefjord, safety representative samt Maria Gunnarsson, president

Task force: moderation of discussions on guild assemblies

Christine Sjölander 13:42, 9 Oct 2017

During the spring assembly we decided to create a task force to investigate in what guidelines we could have for the discussions during the guild assemblies. From this the chairman of the assemblies can moderate the meetings in an effective way. THe board is currently looking for members who are interested in participating in this task force. Take the chance and sign up you interest by emailing the board on We are also happy to answer any questions by email or in person!


Open Committee Meetings During Study Week 7

Mattias Näsström 18:29, 1 Oct 2017

During study week seven you will be able to participate in some of the weekly meetings that some of the committees have. Here are the days and the times for the different committees:

  • Ministry of Truth; 9/10 at 12.15 in the Management Central
  • The Webmasters; 9/10 at 17:15 in the Management Central
  • The Students’ Educational Council; 10/10 at 12:15 in the Management Central
  • The Corporate Connections Committee; 10/10 at 12:15 in MH:362C
  • The Festivities Committee; 12/10 at 12:15 in the Management Central
  • The Committée for Student Equality; 12/10 at 12:15 in Sister Kent (SK)
  • Ministry of Culture; 13/10 at 12:15 in the Management Central
  • The Treasury; 13/10 at 13:15 in the Management Central

Soon preparations for Sångarstriden will finally begin, and we want you

Mattias Näsström 18:14, 1 Oct 2017

Sångarstriden (the song battle) is a lovely competition between the guilds of teknologkåren where each guild prepares a choral, a drinking song and a small musical number. The preparations will be once a week and it is a great and fun opportunity to get involved, teamwork and get to know new people.

We will have an info meeting this wednesday 4/10 kl 12.15 in MH:R, please come there if you want to hear more about the event and the groups you can apply for!

Application for the different groups is now open, apply for whatever sounds interesting (besides the choir, of course!!).

Kind regards, The SåS-foremen and group leaders

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Do you want to participate in an awesome Physics Tournament?

Lea Christierson 07:46, 21 Sep 2017

It is now time for the annual International Physicists' Tournament, and we are looking to recruit a team. The idea of the competition is that a group of students, with the help from an instructor, works under completely free circumstances to solve interesting physical problems, involving both theory and experimenting. Study how you determine the temperature of a fluid by listening to the sound it makes when it is poured, build a speaker, and investigate stunning phenomena. Below is a complete list of all 17 problems.
You will work with the problems for about 8 months, after which you present your solutions, and compete against other teams. If you are interested, all you have to do is to fill in the applications form below.

All 17 problems:

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