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Election international mentors

Linnea Sartorius 17:06, 13 Jun 2024

Hi there lovely guild! I hope you all have a nice summer thus far.

We are currently looking for additional international mentors to our amazing mentor group, preferably 3-4 more. As an international mentor you get to attend all events that a group mentor do and some more. You get the chance to introduce Lund and Sweden to a group that will really appreciate it, and maybe learn a thing or two yourself. Here comes some answers to questions you might have:

When do I have to be back in Lund?
The international mentors have to be back 21/8, only two days before the other mentors. We then get to meet the mentees on thursday 22/8.

What events do the international group get to attend more than the usual introduction events?
We are working with other guilds to have a sittning at a nation, pubs and so on specifially for international students:)

Will I become part of the group of co-mentors if I get elected now?
It is of course hard to predict, but your co-mentors are looking forward to new additions to the group and will do their best to make everyone feel included. You will then meet the day before meeting the mentees to get some practical info and meet each other. Then, after having met the mentees and having attended the kickoff for all mentors on friday, I’m convinced it is gonna be great.

I applied for mentor earlier this year, do I need to get interviewed again?
No, if you’ve already attended an interview you only need to fill out the form below. All that have not previosly applied will be offered a zoom interview.


The election will be open until Thursday 20/6. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to E-mail me at


Cofös Linnea

Election meeting

Frida Liliequist 12:16, 3 Jun 2024

🌷Happy summer dear guild🌷

On Wednesday at 18.00 it is finally time for the board to vote in new volunteers for HT24! ⭐️

To see all the nominations, you can go to the meeting documents, which you can find here:

Some of the nominations have been changed from those posted on the board in MH, including for archivist. It is the nominations that are in the documents that the board will go after❤️‍🔥

Hope everyone has a great summer and see you in the fall,

🧡The Board🧡

Don't forget to fill out your CEQ-surveys

Ludvig Wadenbäck 11:00, 1 Jun 2024

Hello everyone!

Hope your exam period has gone well. It has yet again become time to fill out the CEQ-surveys. This time, The Students' Educational Council unfortunately can't give out coffee and candy, but you will still get a chance to win in the CEQ-lottery.

CEQ-surveys helps us make your courses better for all future students. If you think that the survey takes too long to fill out, I can tell you that all questions are not obligatory and half an answer is better than no answer at all. The most important fields are the open text fields for when we have meetings with your teachers.

Have a wonderful summer,
The Students' Educational Council

The facilities committee signing off

Pontus Lindberg 15:47, 26 May 2024

The summer is finally here. Except for all wonderful things that brings, there are also some sad news. The Facilities Committe dives deep into dormancy. You can no longer count on being able to rent equipment or the car during summer. It might be possible, but don't count on it. Contact us on any contact channel if you have any questions!

Tools however! You can borrow those for the majority of summer thanks to Leo Leppe Hot Stuff. Just write to

The Facilities Committee will be back after summer of course, then with my very competent successor Wilhelm behind the wheel. That's it for me, see you around!

Apply to become a full-timer!

Pontus Thuresson 07:21, 20 May 2024

Message from teknologkåren!
Do you want the most fun, best, and most rewarding year of your life? Become our colleague!
We are next year's full-timers and we're on the lookout for our colleagues! Whether you need a break from your studies, a new community, invaluable experience, or new friends, apply to be a full-timer!
Come to the Council Meeting in Hollywood at 17:15 on Tuesday 21/5!
Positions available:
Secretary general
Head of Educational Advocacy
Head of Internal Educational Affairs
Head of External Educational Affairs
More information about the positions is available on the website!

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