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Apply for Student Sessions with Cellavision and DVel

Oliver Wiksten 12:48, 13 Jan 2021

This is your opportunity as a student to get closer to these companies by applying for Student Sessions! A student session is a general open interview you can apply for through us. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply:

  1. Read through the requirements attached to this post to make sure you qualify.
  2. Fill this form:
  3. Wait for the company to respond to see if the company is interested in an interview with you.

Super easy! Get your CV fixed and write a cover letter and apply no later than 17th of January. Your future is in your hands!
Psst. You haven't missed that FARAD just started an Instagram and a LinkedIn? Make sure to follow us there:

//The project group for FARAD 2021

Nominations for the positions elected by the Board

Mattias Näsström 23:12, 10 Dec 2020

All nominations for the positions elected by the Board can now be found at the bottom of the Guild Assembly Forum page!
You can also find them here

Distance hugs from the Nominations Committee <3

Meeting about the establishment in Science Village

Simon Althoff 14:10, 7 Dec 2020


As you might know, Lund University has decided on an establishment in Science Village. There are many questions about this and both employees and students wonder - What might a future campus look like? Are cafes, meeting rooms, study places planned?

From business descriptions, both from the student unions and the university, JAIS architects have made a first sketch of what it could look like.
In order for everyone to have the opportunity, at an early stage, to provide input on the draft / sketch, the Science Village establishment group would like to invite you to a Zoom meeting with the architects.

This meeting is primarily aimed at those students who are directly affected and union active who know about the establishment, but of course other interested students can also participate.

When? December 9 at 12: 00-13: 00.


Simon Althoff 09:55, 4 Dec 2020

The scaffolding in front of the reception in fysikum towards professorsgatan seems to have become unstable and should therefore be avoided. If you have any business in fysikum do not use the reception entrance unless strictly necessary.

Extra election - Treasurer in Charge of the Introduction

Filip Johansson 14:22, 1 Dec 2020

Do you like the introduction? Do you want the chans to influence the introductions economy and budget and be helpful to the Fös? Then being the Treasurer in charge of the Introduction would be perfect for you! We announce an extra election for the position year 2021. Here is some more information about the position:
The Treasurer in charge of the Introduction keeps track of the Fös and the Introductions economy and sits in the Treasury together with the Treasurer. You make a budget for the introduction together with the Fös, the Treasurer and the board and then do all the accounting and invoicing for the council. In this position you get to work close to the Fös and the Treasuring, and it requires relatively much time during the introduction.

There's more information in Swedish at:

To apply you email me at at latest on Friday, December 4th.

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