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Spring Term Election 2018

Closing in:

Read more about the election here

Elected volunteers

Mattias Näsström 10:40, 20 Apr 2018

On the spring guild assembly 2018 we elected these volunteers:

Chair of the Board - Andreas Emilsson
Board members - Alexandra Lengquist, Elli Andersson, Hanna Axelsson and Vilgot Hillbom
Vice President - Jakob Navrozidis
Head of Facilities - Magnus Svensson
Operating Director of Hilbert Café - Kåre von Geijer
Editor of von Tänen - Jessica Lastow
Deputy Head of Corporate Connections - Alexia Han
President of the Educational Council for F - Philip Olhager
President of the Educational Council for n - Daniel Nesic
Member of the Nomination Committée - Simon Olsson (convening) and Peter Hallstadius

The positions Minister for Education, Project Manager of FARAD, President of the Educational Council for Pi, the substitute for Member of the Nomination Committée and three of Member of the Nomination Committée became vacant.

Congratulations and good luck to all the newly elected!

Meeting document

Josefine Öder 17:05, 6 Apr 2018

The agenda for the spring term meeting is now on the notice board outside Hilbertrummet
and on the website at guild assembly -> guild assembly forum, there you can also find motions.

Guild spring assembly is the 17th and 18th April. The registration for the meeting is available on the website.

If you have any questions, please contact the board.

In the departmental service,
Josefine Öder, Secretary

Release of report

Mattias Näsström 14:00, 28 Mar 2018

Thank you for all who came to the release of the report this Monday. Here is info on how you access the report for those who don't have a login to the F-guilds website ( You can either contact your Equal Opportunities Representative or your Board. You can also contact or Another choice is to enter your email-adress in this form, and you'll get the report sent to you. You can also get a paper copy from the Board room in the Math house.

Discussion meeting about the report

Elinor Fagerberg 16:09, 26 Mar 2018

The Committee for Student Equality has now had their presentation of the report regarding the guild's culture, titled Samlade perspektiv på F-sektionens kultur (Collected perspectives regarding the F-guild's culture). The report is now available under document archive but is also available here (the report is only available in Swedish).

What's coming now then? The discussion meeting this evening! Click the link and read up on the event if you haven't already, then show up in Hilbert Café at 17 and discuss the content of the report and how we should proceed forward from this.

There will be the opportunity to receive a presentation of the report in English during the discussion meeting, as well as getting translation of the discussion.

Kind regards
The Committee for Student Equality

Supplementary election for webmaster

Peter Hallstadius 12:56, 25 Mar 2018

The Facilities Committee is looking for a webmaster! Are you interested in app and web development, contact me through before Friday (30/3).

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