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Spring Election 2021

Closing in:

Read more about the election here

Spring Guild Meeting on Monday the 19:th of April

Erik af Klinteberg 12:07, 16 Apr 2021

The Spring Guild Meeting will soon be upon us! On Monday, the 19:th of April at 5:59 PM the meeting will start at the Zoom link provided in the Guild Meeting Forum or the event in the calendar on our website!

If you want to prepare before the meeting (of course you do!) you can find all of the meeting documents on

You can also make sure that you have an account registered on (use your university-provided e-mail). If you do not have an account registered, please register one as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me on, or to the entire board on You may also post them here in the comments on Facebook if you feel like it.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting this Monday!

In Hilbert's service
Erik af Klinteberg, Secretary 2021

Survey to show interest in participating in the master mingling as a master student

Daniel Nesic 14:56, 16 Apr 2021

Hi everybody!

We hope that you managed to get some well deserved time off or that you have wrestled your reexams into submission. In a while or more precisely at Tuesday 27/4 17-19 the Heads of Alumni Relations and the Students’ Educational Council will host a master mingling (specialieringsmingel). However, to make this event work we need people that are taking master courses right now to attend the event and share their wisdom. So here in this post comes a survey where you can show that you as a master student are interested in participating in the event and thus making the choice of which master courses to take easier for your fellow guild members.

Link to the survey: ( the survey will close on Wednesday 21/4 at 15.

Kind Regards the Students’ Educational Council.

Study room in Zoom

Daniel Nesic 20:23, 10 Apr 2021

Hi fellow guild members!

We in the Students’ educational council have made a Zoom room which is constantly open until the 18th of May and this room can be used for studying if you feel like being a little more social. Unfortunately we can’t have breakout rooms open when there is no host in the meeting, so in case the room becomes to crowded and you can’t study properly, then you can email and you will eventually be added as alternative hosts which will enable you to open up breakout rooms.
Zoom link:

Good luck with your studies!

Kind Regards Students’ educational council.

Otto Grafström 14:53, 29 Mar 2021
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Notice of the agenda

Erik af Klinteberg 12:14, 28 Mar 2021

Greetings guildmembers!

The agenda for our spring guild assembly has been published on On the same page, you will also be able to find motions, propositions, and the account of operations.

More documents will be uploaded here over time, so keep your eye out for that. Before the meeting on the 19:th of April, you should also make sure that you have registered an account on, to enable us to start the meeting on time. 😄

On the behalf of the guild
Erik af Klinteberg, Secretary 2021

Meetings with the program boards

Daniel Nesic 21:39, 26 Mar 2021

Hi fellow guild members, for the first time this decade it is time for discussion meetings with the programboards of the F/Pi programmes and the Nano program!

Come and meet the chairmans of the programboard, the study and career counselors, the program planers and the Student's Educational Council. At the meeting you can ask questions, express opinions or just get to know your program a little better. On the meeting the programmes as a whole will be discussed, this means that the meeting should be interesting for all F,Pi and Nano students no matter what grade you are in. So come by, the meeting will be informal and filled with lots of good talk and interesting discussions for everybody.

The F/Pi meeting will take place at the 30:th of Mars 12:15-13
Zoom link:

The Nano meeting is at the 31:th of Mars 12:15-13
Zoom link:

Kind regards the Students' Educational Council.

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