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Meet the board in the cafeteria

Axel Orrhede 23:45, 5 Dec 2023

Good evening! 🌛🧡
On Thursday at 10-12, the board will sit in the café and offer coffee. This time you might even get to meet a certain future president! At the last board meetings we have given money for a new sound system and repair of cameras, given some access to different positions and elected lots of chairman positions. You can find the minutes on the board's tab on the website.

The board

Payment - SCHLARAD

Embla Lindahl 14:20, 4 Dec 2023


Hello all hit-tagged F-seekers! Tomorrow Tuesday 12.15-13.00 FARAD will sit in the Hilbert corridor and take payment for SCHLARAD. There are a few places left and these are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. (If you have contacted FARAD after registration closed earlier, you have been given a place)

Hugs, you eventfaradare

Hello, do you want to be a ladybug!?

Emil Grunning 08:50, 4 Dec 2023

The application list to be a ladybug lp 3 is now on the bulletin board in the Hilbert corridor. As a ladybug you are the boss in the café one day a week in 6 weeks. You can do it alone, in a pair or as three persons (recommended if you don't want to work every week). As a thank you you get tons of free fika and coffee and six hilbert baguetts every week to share with the persons working the same day (5 if you work alone). As a ladybug you are also an active member of the f-guild and will be thanked as such. Everyone are welcome, so come and apply.
See you in the café // the cafémasters

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The Final Countdown

Erik Nord 16:40, 3 Dec 2023

Hello dear guild!

Got no plans for how to celebrate the end of the semester? Now you do!
On the 15:th of December Reise23 will host our final event, The Final Countdown, and it’s going to be amazing!
So join us at Lophtet one final time and let’s party like we’re out of this world! 🚀🚀🚀
Applikations for the event open in the F-app this monday 4/12 at 12:15 and payment Will be in the Hilbert corridor on the 8/12 between 12:15-13:00.
Guild members are prioritized but if there are spots left open you will be able to buy tickets for people not in the guild aswell.

With kind regards
Your Reiseleiters

Extraordinary section meeting

Hanna Areskoug 21:46, 1 Dec 2023

Helloj in the night-pants!

The agenda for the extraordinary section meeting, which takes place on 11/12 at 17.15, is now available on the website in the document archive. The board's proposal for the agenda for the extraordinary meeting can also be found there.

For questions, please email:

In the service of the section🌻
/Secret Service & the Board

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More news
21:00 Bouldering
11:00 Merch sale

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