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Autumn Election 2022

Closing in:

Read more about the election here

The Autumn Election is now opening!

Emma Ekberg 18:09, 12 Sep 2022

It’s finally autumn and with that comes THE AUTUMN GUILD ASSEMBLY!
Today, the 12/ 9, is the election opening and it’s time to apply yourself or nominate a friend for all the volunteer positions that are being elected this autumn.
On the tab ”Val” on you will find all positions with more informations about them. Get ready for some sweet, sweet reading!!!

Best whishes from The Nominating Committee

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Apply to the Representative Council 2023!

Gustav Arvidsson 11:44, 5 Oct 2022

The election for next year's Representative Council is hereby announced! Between the 3/10 and 3/11 you can candidate or nominate to the Representative Council 2023 at

The Representative Council is Teknologkåren's highest decision-making body and contains representatives from all guilds. It is incredibly important for all guilds that a full Representative Council is appointed. Join and represent your guild today!

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The end of the Blood Feud

Marisa Wodrich 13:29, 4 Oct 2022

All good things must come to an end. Soon, the blood feud will be ending, which is a long-term project where we try to donate as much blood as possible as a guild. If you haven't donated yet and are allowed to donate, please do so within the next weeks and send us a proof, if you want to get one of our super amazing patches for free!
Love, LiBU <3

Nomination for Hilbert Älgs Orden

Carl Boklund 13:22, 4 Oct 2022

Excellent Guild!

Your light in the morning darkness, your warming embrace in the autumn haze is finally here. It's time to nominate candidates for the Hilbert Älgs Orden or promote existing members!

This is done via the following form:

/The committee of medals and honurs

Eliot Montesino Petrén 18:23, 2 Oct 2022

Hi there F-guild members,

It is Sunday and nu are the pictures from WaDerloo (the introduction w.2) uploaded to the gallery. Go in and have a look! It went wild when brave, but wet, F-guild members fought to protect their dream-shroom.

The photographers of the F-guild

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Gaming night with @1337

Lisa Nilén 10:29, 1 Oct 2022

Greetings honorable guild!
Us @1337:es (read: atleets), the guilds gaming committee, understand the fatigue of nollning has consumed the guild. Therefore we would like to invite you to join us October 5th for an evening of Mario Kart to soothe the mind! At 18.00 the fun begins with Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart Wii, and maybe some other games if it’s of interest. It's a drop-in, so show up as you like! Of course we will offer some simple snacks!
For info on location see the event in the app or on the website!
See you there!

More news

The Blood Feud

Axel Helgstrand 18:23, 9 apr 2022

The F-guild donates blood!

If you have donated blood, show some kind of proof to LiBU and then click the link below.

Thus far this much has been donated: 11.25 L

Click on me to report a donation!
12:00 P6 in foyer
10:00 Elk Trip
13:00 Cleaning Day

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