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The Blood Feud

Axel Helgstrand 18:23, 9 apr 2022

The F-guild donates blood!

If you have donated blood, show some kind of proof to LiBU and then click the link below.

Thus far this much has been donated: 1.8 L

Click on me to report a donation!


Lisa Nilén 09:20, 25 May 2022

Amazing guild! Here comes your awaited distraction from your exam studies. We will be in the Hilbert corridor on Friday (27/5) during lunch to give our the patches from the Birth(day)seating and the Skvalborg event as well as sell the one from the athlete’s health week, so if you attended any of these events you are welcome to stop by! ❤️
With that being said, the patch contest winner is 🥁DRUM ROLL🥁
It won with 45,1 % of the votes. Big congratulations to Neha Shreyra Misra, who sent in the design!
Thank you all for voting, and we hope to see you on friday!😄
//Nasare Crhis and Linnea

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FETSM - Midsummer

Peter Stahre 10:48, 24 May 2022

Now the carnival weekend is over and it's starting to get closer to the exams… But that also means that it's getting closer to the post - exam party! On Saturday 04/06, the festivities committee is holding a FETSM with the fitting theme: Midsummer! Put on something summery, start some games with the section's best game leaders and get ready for the summer holidays. Registration opens at 12:00 today, May 24, welcome!


P.S. Keep an eye out in the F-app for a midsummer-warmup with reiseleiteriet!

Studentrepresentant i LG GU

Daniel Nesic 17:01, 20 May 2022

This news is only in Swedish.

Study evening

Daniel Nesic 20:13, 19 May 2022

Hello fellow guild members!

Summer is approaching fast and with it some well-deserved rest, but there are some obstacles in the way and that is our exams and other compulsory school tasks. To help you pass these obstacles, the study council will arrange another wonderful study evening. It will work much like the last time, it is in Hilbert Café and lasts from about 17-19 on Thursday the 26th of May. This time, however, the food will be served at a self-expensive price, so have your cards ready to get a freshly prepared dish for around 20 sek. Make sure to sign up here on the web page so that we can get an idea of how many of you that will participate.

Good luck in your studies and hope to see you on Thursday!

Kind regards, The Students’ Educational Council

von Tänen release

Vilma Ylvén 18:12, 19 May 2022


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