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Fall term election

Closing in:

Read more about the election here


Seamus Doyle 13:30, 14 Oct 2019

Hey Guild!
Tomorrow, Tuesday, the committee of student equality and the student council will have a stress workshop in Hilbert Café 17.15. The thought is to discuss stress in a constructive way together with older and more experienced students at the guild and to, hopefully, receive a few good tips about handling and relating to stress.

If you still aren't convinced , I can tell you that we will be offering FREE FIKA if you sign up to the event before 23.00 this evening and that you don't have to be there all the time. You can drop by whenever during the event.

I hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow!
//Your very own head of the committee of student equality

Volunteer mingle

Rebecca Svensson 13:31, 4 Oct 2019

Now that the fall election is open, it's time for volunteer mingle. If you have questions and thoughts about what it is like to be a part of the work at the F-guild, just show up and mingle with the guild's various committees. Traditionally, there will be a quiz walk where you can test your knowledge of the guild's committees. Also, be sure to nominate people for different posts and why not candidate yourself.
Hope to see you in Mattehuset the 14th of October between 6 pm and 8 pm.

Fall Guild Assembly

Otto Holmström 13:16, 24 Sep 2019

Fall Guild Assembly 2019

Welcome to the guild fall assembly 2019! The meeting will be on Monday the 11th of November and Tuesday the 12th of November. Wednesday the 13th of November will be a possible day of continuing the meeting if we don't finish the days before. You can candidate to open positions through the website. Send motions to the secretary before the 18th of October.

Full meeting documents can be found under the meeting forum.

Following dates and times

  • 11th and 12th of November (MH: R) - the guild spring assembly

with starting time 17.59.

Following dates and times before the meeting

  • 18th of October - Motion deadline
  • 4th of November - Publishing of the Meeting Agenda

For more information check the website calendar.
Should you have any other questions about the Assembly, contact the Board.

In the service of the Guild
Otto Holmström, Secretary
Rebecca Svensson, Chair of the board

By-election to the Ministry of Truth

Maja Svensson 17:02, 16 Sep 2019

The Ministry of Truth are looking for magnificent members of F to join our crew! The positions that are open are Archivist and Member of the Editorial Staff of von Tänen. No prior skills are required, we just wish for you to bring a positive energy and curiosity to the position.

Archivist: The Archivist's have responsibility for order in the archive, that protocols are saved and that cool stuff are taken out now and then and presented in a good way. As an archivist you work independently and the greatest advantage is that you with time receive a big insight in what actually has happened in the guild during the previous years.

Member of the Editorial Staff of von Tänen: von Tänen is the guild's own paper and was released the first time as soon as 1973. As a Member of the Editorial Staff of von Tänen you are responsible for providing von Tänen with content that maintains the guild's interest. You also assist the Editor of von Tänen in his or hers work.

Are you interesting in joining us? Send an email to no later than 30th september. Interviews will be held week 40.

Extraordinary guild assembly for election of auditor and members of the nomination comittee

Otto Holmström 13:51, 3 Sep 2019

Dear F-guild,
The board calls for an extraordinary guild assembly after a request from the auditors.

The assembly will be held on the 19th of september in MH:R, with a start time at 12:15. The assembly will be in swedish.

At the assembly, election of an auditor, two members of the nomination committee and two supplementary members of the nomination committee will be held.

In the name of the F-Guild

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