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Autumn Election of 2021

Closing in:

Read more about the election here


Otto Grafström 13:28, 26 Nov 2021

Toot toot! Now our bus rolls over to our Danish neighbors! Be sure to sign up in the t (f) app, because you do not want to miss this!

Join us on a bus trip to Denmark where we visit a Christmas market at Højbro Plads in Copenhagen before we go on to Braunstein brewery in Køge.

At the brewery we get a guided tour where we get to learn about beer brewing, from malt to bottle, fermentation of beer, light and dark beer and much more! We will also take part in a beer tasting at the brewery.

After that we have time to take advantage of Braunstein's happy hour prices on beer before we finally roll home to Lund!

Hilbert sandwiches will be offered for dinner after the tour of the brewery, but lunch is arranged yourself in Copenhagen.

This is what the day looks like:
10:30 - gathering outside MH
11:00 - the buses leave
12 ish - arrive in Copenhagen, time for Christmas market!
15:00 - the buses leave
16:00 - Braunstein Brewery
17: 30/18 ish - Dinner (Hilbert sandwiches), happy hour at the brewery !!
20 - the buses go back to Lund

Rich greetings,
Your tour guides

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Bike fixing day

Mattias Akke 16:17, 25 Nov 2021

Does your bike sound like a symphony by John Cage? Does it spread fear amongst car owners in Lund? Then you should probably bring it to the Bike fixing day on Friday (3/12) at 12.00-13.00. We will supply you with tools and a modest level of experience in fixing bikes. We also sell headlights and other gear so that you can have the safest bike in Lund.

Important information regarding the continuation of the guild assembly

Erik af Klinteberg 13:44, 24 Nov 2021

Hello guild members!

For those of you who did not attend the assembly yesterday, I can happily announce that we are finished with all of the motions and propositions and thus have voted through a lot of fun things like adopting a new moose! (10 000 kr fun!)
We were also able to elect new members to the Board for this coming semester. Congratulations to those who have been elected.

What is left on the agenda is mainly even more elections (see the agenda on if you want to participate, you are very welcome to Kårhuset's Auditorium at 5.59(.) PM (Note: not MH:G as previously announced. The guild assembly voted to change premises due to fire safety reasons, as we were too many to fit in MH:G). If you don't know where the Kårhus Auditorium is, it is on the ground floor right next to Gasquesalen. Please arrive in good time prior to the assembly, everyone should be seated when the assembly is set to resume.

Since we are now on the assembly's reserve day, the festivities committee will no longer prepare tasty and free food for us. If you want to eat cheap, a lunch box could be smart to bring with you. Otherwise, you should probably look into another solution now (the assembly usually takes a food break sometime between 7:00-7: 30 PM, and it break will be at least 30 min).

If anyone knows that they are going to run for a volunteer post, and knows that they are unable to partake in the meeting on a potential Thursday or Friday then I encourage you, for your own sake, to contact me ASAP.

If someone feels like they should have received a free ovve-badge, but have not received it yet, you should also feel free to write to me ASAP. Otherwise we will start handing out the remainders to other interested tonight.

Everything lost and found from the prior days will be stored in LMAO. Feel free to contact the Board if yo are missing something.

Again, very welcome on Day 3 in the Kårhusets Auditorium at 17:59(.)

Your local hat fanatic,
Erik af Klinteberg, Secretary 2021

Change of place for guild assembly

Erik af Klinteberg 20:19, 23 Nov 2021

We will gather in Kårhusets hörsal (next to gasque). Go there if you want to join the meeting.

Autumn guild assembly

Erik af Klinteberg 05:41, 22 Nov 2021

Extraordinary guild!

Today at 5:59(.) PM in MH:G, the first day of the autumn guild assembly will commence! I want to remind everyone that all meeting documents are available at and that it is never a bad idea to show up to a meeting prepared. If I had to mention two extra relevant documents it would be Proposal for time guidelines for everyone planning to candidate to a volunteer position, and Requirements profiles for everyone who are going to vote in an election (and of course you should also read the propositions, motions, Board responses, etc.. But you have done that already, haven't you?)

If you have not been to a guild assembly before you should create an account on the guild's digital voting system ( or during assembly hours ( Without an account, you may find yourself unable to partake in the assembly. Luckily, it takes little to no time to create an account and there are instructions on the page (notice that you have to sign up with your university-provided email).

See you at the assembly!
Erik af Klinteberg, secretary 2021

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