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Apply to Athlete or Song Contest Team Leader

Isabella Ljung 15:02, 17 Jan 2020

Did you miss to apply to Athlete or Song Contest Team Leader then now’s your chance! As an Athlete you arrange different activities related to sports such as racket sports every week, tournaments or bigger activities every once in a while. You have meetings with the other Athletes, the Sports foreman and Minister for Culture every other week and you can also cooperate with other parts of the Ministry of Culture. You don’t need any prior experience, you just have to be excited to arrange things! If you have any questions please contact or

As Song Contest Team Leader you make sure that the F-guild participate in the TLTH Song Contest. The TLTH Song Contest is a contest between the guilds where you perform a kind of spex and also two different parts by a choir. As the Song Contest Team Leader you can delegate some parts to other people but you coordinate it all. People are usually pretty excited about this and the contest is fun! If you have any questions then please contact

To apply for one of the posts please send an email to no later than 31/1.

New Main Sponsor of the F-guild, CellaVision

Nik Johansson 18:40, 19 Dec 2019

We are happy to announce that we have entered a long-term agreement with CellaVision, makeing them the Main Sponsor of the F-guild.

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Otto Holmström 13:13, 4 Dec 2019

Christmas quiz

Seamus Doyle 18:33, 28 Nov 2019

Hi! Du you study at F? Do you like Christmas? Do you like ekosar? Are you free the afternoon on the 9th of December? If so, come to the the F-guild's and W-guild's Comittee of Student Equality's amazing Christmas quiz. We will offer traditional Swedish rice porridge! We will offer glögg! We will even offer, and yes it is free, sandwiches, julmust and clementines. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Bring your own food-box and spoon!

Try-it-out week in Hilbert Café!

Emelie Zhu 13:50, 26 Nov 2019

Follow our QR-code and give Hilbert Café suggestions on sandwiches!
And then, over reading week 5, come and test out the winning suggestions and possibly we'll have found a new Hilbert classic?...

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