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How fun that you want to be involved in the introduction of 2020! Below you'll find links to apply to be a volunteer. If you apply in a group to be group mentor och mission mentor please notice that you fill out one form together.
The application closes on wednesday 12/2, 23:59 so make sure to apply in time! A while after the application closes you will recieve an e-mail with your time for the interview.

Below we’ve put together a short list with more information about the time it will take and what we feel is important. If you’re unsure of anything just let us know, we’re happy to answer any questions!

In several places we write that you should be prepared to spend a lot of time on the introduction. This is something we want people to keep in mind and be willing and excited to participate! It does not mean that everyone should participate in every event! Things can get in the way and everyone needs to rest.

Group mentors

  • Education a couple of times during spring
  • The whole introduction! A lot of evenings and weekends.
  • Be able to answer questions and provide information.


  • Be there and try to make sure everyone feels welcome and makes new friends. Extra important?
  • Communicate with the other mentors in the group to make that there’s always mentors present and that everyone has time to rest every once in a while.
  • Show that studying is important!

New this year: head mentor!

  • More responsability over your group

  • More contact with the Fös

Mission mentors

  • Education a couple of times during spring
  • Building/rehersing/whatever the mission is about from week 1 until it’s over. Usually weekend nights but it depends on how it goes. Previous years the missions have been over about this time but that might change: End of week one: FlyING End of week two: Överfösstafetten, cheer, lådbil, ballongistapult, luftband, regatta End of week three: Nollesexet and the Nollympiad Nollegasque: Revy and movie
  • It’s nice to meet the group after the missions are over as well.


  • Try to get them to hang out with their mission group as well and get to know new friends there.
  • Complete the “goal” of the assignment – for instance build a ballongistapult, put together a movie or whatever it might be.

Extra important?

  • It’s fun if as many as possible participate! But at the same time a lot of people have to study so make sure that they're able to do that.

Extra fös


  • Varies between the different kinds of extra fös Mainly during spring: Spons and design Mainly during summer: Sewing, pimp, camp (maybe a bit during spring, as well as week 0) During the introduction: Food- and pub, study and sitting The rest aren’t as strictly bound to a certain period. The can be planned a bit more freely but certain events are planned to certain dates.


  • It varies between the different extra fös! But make sure to know what you’re signing up for and to be willing to spend as much time as it takes. If you have any specific questions, let us know!

Extra important?

  • Good communication with the Fös and maybe some of the other extra fös'.

Here is also the powerpoint from the meeting, 4/2:

If you have any questions we'll be in the Hilbert corridor Monday 6/2 at 12.15 or you can send us an e-mail, we're happy to answer!

Hugs Föset 2020!