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Fall and Spring Semester Assemblies


During the guild assembly propositions about changes to the organization and allocation of the guilds money. The motions are separated by those motions proposed by the board and those proposed by other guild members. If you have an idea for a motion and want inspiration or help writing it, contact the board or the relevant committee chair based on what you motion handles. Completed motions are to be sent to the secretary before the deadline.

Engagements and elections

One way of the F-guild is to apply for posts during the autumn or spring assembly. Candidature for a post is done via the election page. It is also possible to nominate someone you deem as suitable for a post though the nominee must accept for it to be valid. Larger post are elected by the guild assembly and remaining posts are designated by the board after the assembly.

Posts decided during the guild assembly (larger posts)

If you are are running for a post that is elected by the guild assembly you will be called to an interview by the election committee. The election committee will nominate the candidate they deem most suitable. Those who are not nominated by the election committee can still candidate against the nominee during the assembly. All candidates for posts designated during the assembly be presented with an image as well as text on a poster that is published ahead of the assembly. You always have the option to decide to run during the assembly without any prior registration.

Posts designated by the board

If you are running for a post that is not delegated during the assembly you will be called for an interview afterwards. This interview is conducted by a nomination committee often consisting of old and new committee chairs and potentially other relevant peoples as well as representatives from the election committee. Based on these interviews the nomination committee nominates depending on the recommended number of seats for a post. Then the board elects volunteers based on these nominations.