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Guild assembly forum

Important dates

  • Motion deadline - 8:th of November
  • Publication of the Agenda - 15:th of November
  • Autumn guild assembly - 22:nd and 23:rd of November in MH:G. The 24:th of November is kept as an extra date.


About the guild assembly

Autumn guild assembly 2021!
The assembly will be held on the 22:nd and 23:rd of November. The 24:th will be kept as a reserve date. To apply for or nominate to any of the volunteer positions that are elected during the assembly, go on over to the election page.

In the guild's service
Erik af Klinteberg, Secretary 2021

About this page

This page is meant to showcase the various motions and projects that will be discussed during the assembly in order to facilitate feedback and input from other members of the guild.
If you'd like to publish your idea here, contact the board. Finished motions should be sent to the secretary prior to the motion deadline.

N.B. Motions will not be attended during the extraordinary assembly. Save them for the fall guild meeting.


Motions from the board

Other documents