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Guild assembly forum

Important dates

  • Motion deadline - October 18th
  • Publication of the Agenda - November 4th
  • Fall assembly - November 11-12th, 17:59 in MH:R


About the guild assembly

Welcome to the fall assembly 2019! It will take place during the 11th and 12th of November. To run for any of the volunteer positions that are elected during the assembly, go on over to the election page. Motions are sent to the secretary before midnight the 18th of October.

Sometime before the assembly there will be an Affection Square where the motions will be available to read so that you have enough time to compose changes to the motions for the meeting.

If you want to ask a question to the candidates of the meeting you can send them in here

About this page

This page is meant to showcase the various motions and projects that will be discussed during the assembly in order to facilitate feedback and input from other members of the guild.
If you'd like to publish your idea here, contact the board. Finished motions should be sent to the secretary.


Motions from the board

The board will publish their motions here.


Other documents