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Spring election 2019

Candidacy Nomination

Do you want to become part of the F guilds formiddable volunteer community?

Now the spring election is up and running. Here you can apply for Board member, Project manager of FARAD, and President of the educational council for all programs.

This is your chance to enjoy meeting-fika, skiftesgasque, and thank you-parties.

You can both nominate friends and apply yourself. Remeber to choose a timeslot for your interview!

What do the colors and markings mean?

  • Positions with * have no set limit.
  • (X) denotes a set maximum number.
  • Positions highlighted in orange are members of the Board or the Council of Executives.
  • Positions highlighted in green are chosen by the Council of Education.

Positions no longer available for candidature

Title LimitCouncilElected byCandidacies
1-29 / 29
@1337*Ministry of CultureBoard8
Baked*Hilbert CaféBoard5
Board member4 (x)The BoardGeneral meeting4
Caretaker*The Facilities CommitteeBoard9
Car Supervisor1The Facilities CommitteeBoard0
Deputy Head of Corporate Relations1 (x)Corporate RelationsGeneral meeting1
Editor of von Tänen1 (x)Ministry of TruthGeneral meeting0
Guild assembly speaker1 (x)OthersBoard2
Head of Facilities1 (x)The Facilities CommitteeGeneral meeting0
Head of the Mentor Program1Corporate RelationsBoard0
Member of the Corporate Relations Committee*Corporate RelationsBoard0
Member of the Editorial Staff of von Tänen*Ministry of TruthBoard3
Member of the FARAD Team*Corporate RelationsBoard0
Member of the Nomination Committée5 (x)OthersGeneral meeting2
Member of the program board for F5External representativesCouncil of education4
Member of the program board for n5External representativesCouncil of education5
Member of the program board for π5External representativesCouncil of education1
Members of the Educational Council*The Students’ Educational CouncilBoard2
Minister for Culture1 (x)Ministry of CultureGeneral meeting1
Minister for Education1 (x)The Students’ Educational CouncilGeneral meeting2
Operating Director of Hilbert Café1 (x)Hilbert CaféGeneral meeting1
President of the Educational Council for F1 (x)The Students’ Educational CouncilGeneral meeting1
President of the Educational Council for n1 (x)The Students’ Educational CouncilGeneral meeting0
President of the Educational Council for Pi1 (x)The Students’ Educational CouncilGeneral meeting0
Project Manager of FARAD1 (x)Corporate RelationsGeneral meeting1
Representative to the Elections Board of TLTH1OthersBoard0
Safety Representative1The Students’ Educational CouncilBoard1
Spider master1 (x)The Facilities CommitteeBoard1
Substitute Member of the Nomination Committée2 (x)OthersGeneral meeting0