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Fall election 2020

Candidacy Nomination

It's time to elect new volunteers!

The fall election is at hand! For the fall guild assembly, you can apply to most of the guild's volunteer positions. Maybe you want to become the next baked, server or member of the corporate relations committee

This is your chance to enjoy meeting-fika, skiftesgasque, and thank you-parties, while making a difference for the guild and helping it achieve greatness.

You can both nominate friends and apply yourself. Remeber to choose a timeslot for your interview (if candidating for an assembly-chosen position)!

For positions elected by General meeting you will be invited to an interview by the Nomination Committee and the election will be held as the Guild Assembly.
For positions elected by Board you will be invited to an interview by the Committee the position belongs to and the election will be managed by the Board at an election meeting held after the Guild Assembly.

The application period for posts chosen at the guild assembly closes 1 November 23:59.
After this, you can still apply for smaller positions until 22 November 23:59.

What do the colors and markings mean?

  • Positions with * have no set limit.
  • (X) denotes a set maximum number.
  • Positions highlighted in orange are members of the Board or the Council of Executives.
  • Positions highlighted in green are chosen by the Council of Education.

Positions no longer available for candidature

Title CandidaciesLimitCouncilElected by
1-49 / 49
39External representativesCouncil of education
Archivist31 - 2Ministry of TruthBoard
Athlete28*Ministry of CultureBoard
Auditor22 (x)OthersGeneral meeting
Baked18*Hilbert CaféBoard
Bartenders50*The Festivities CommitteeBoard
Chef42 (x)The Festivities CommitteeGeneral meeting
Chief Herald11 (x)OthersGeneral meeting
Cofös74The FösBoard
Cooks50*The Festivities CommitteeBoard
Deputy Head of Corporate Relations11 (x)Corporate RelationsGeneral meeting
Deputy Treasurer in charge of Introduction01 (x)The TreasuryGeneral meeting
DJ[F]21The Festivities CommitteeBoard
F- 61Ministry of CultureBoard
Guild assembly speaker21 (x)OthersBoard
Guild Photographer8*Ministry of TruthBoard
Head of Alumni Relations3*Corporate RelationsBoard
Head of Festivities11 (x)The Festivities CommitteeGeneral meeting
Head Waiter52 (x)The Festivities CommitteeGeneral meeting
Her Tech Future-Overseer82The Students’ Educational CouncilBoard
Member of the Committée for Student Equality11*Committée for Student EqualityBoard
Member of the Corporate Relations Committee7*Corporate RelationsBoard
Members of the Educational Council1*The Students’ Educational CouncilBoard
Minion of Truth7*Ministry of TruthBoard
Minister for Culture11 (x)Ministry of CultureGeneral meeting
Minister of Truth21 (x)Ministry of TruthGeneral meeting
Operating Director of Hilbert Café11 (x)Hilbert CaféGeneral meeting
Överfös41 (x)The FösGeneral meeting
President21 (x)The BoardGeneral meeting
President of the Committée for Student Equality31 (x)Committée for Student EqualityGeneral meeting
Pub Manager52 (x)The Festivities CommitteeGeneral meeting
Reiseleiter44*Ministry of CultureBoard
Reisemeister31Ministry of CultureGeneral meeting
Representative to the International Affairs Committee of TLTH21The Students’ Educational CouncilBoard
Secretary01 (x)The BoardGeneral meeting
Servers37*The Festivities CommitteeBoard
Song Contest Team Leader03Ministry of CultureBoard
Sports foreman21Ministry of CultureGeneral meeting
Standard-bearer31Ministry of CultureBoard
Substitute Auditor02 (x)OthersGeneral meeting
Substitute Member of the Nomination Committée12 (x)OthersGeneral meeting
Tandem Relay Team Leader22Ministry of CultureBoard
Toastmaster133The Festivities CommitteeBoard
Treasurer11 (x)The TreasuryGeneral meeting
Trumpeter12Ministry of CultureBoard
Vice Head of Festivities21 (x)The Festivities CommitteeGeneral meeting
Vice President11 (x)The BoardGeneral meeting
Webmaster20*The Facilities CommitteeBoard