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What we offer companies

How can You get our students to seek out your particular company in the future? That's a question we want to help You answer. There are a variety of solutions and possibilities to get in contact with our students, and below you will find a set of proposals that have been used with good results in the past. There is always the opportunity to go beyond the scope of these offers, please contact us as we will work together to find for the best solution for you.

Our goal is for You as company to get to know our students, get maximum exposure and at the same time give You the possibility for our students to seek out Your company in the future.

Would You like to book, get more information, or do You have your own exciting ideas? Feel free to contact us at the link below and we'll work together to find the best solution for You!

Corporate Relations Committee

Below, there's a number of suggestions which have been used before with great success.

FARAD is our career fair which occurs in January. This fair is an extraordinary opportunity for you to get in touch with all our students from first to fifth grade, during a day in Mattehuset. We also set up pi- and nano-FARAD which takes place during two different evenings, where you as a company get a chance to pitch yourselves in front of pi- or nano-students. This will be followed by some mingling and for example a pub. We can also organize other events during the FARAD-week, as for example lunch lectures or case evenings, just let us know what suits you best!

For more information, send an email to

Over the course of an evening you will have the opportunity to, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, meet our students. This is an opportunity to give students an overall picture of the company and create a more personal connection with the students.

For instance, the evening could contain any of the following:

  • Case solving or workshop
  • Pub
  • Sittning
  • Sport event
  • Lecture

We suggest you begin by presenting your company and then the event gets started. Sometime during the evening food is served to all students and company representatives. The evening can , for example, end with an awards ceremony, organized by the company. The evening is very flexible and we are open to any and all solutions and ideas.

With a talk during the lunch hour your company will effectively reach the students and you have the opportunity to give an insight into what your particular business is like. We arrange food for all participants, both students and business representatives as well as advertising in advance of your presentation with posters, advertisement in the guild's weekly bulletin and on the guild website. In the past, lunchtime lectures usually have between 70 and 100 participants.

In case you'd like to reach out with concrete information to all members of the guild quickly and easily, we also offer graphic marketing. This way your brand is guaranteed attention as long as you wish at any time. The various options are posters in crowded places in our premises, space on the TV monitor in our café, newsletter and information on our website and facebook.

Do you as a company think it'd be fun to show off your workplace? Do you have something to make you unique and attract the best students? In that case a visit might be something to consider. We will work out the logistics and the students.

During the introduction your possibilities to be visible to the approximately 200 new students differs from the rest of the year. Which reflects that this is a very special period to all students.

There's of course always the possibility to go outside the framework for these proposals, only your imaginations sets the limit.