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Rooms for Contemplation

At Lund University, we understand that students have diverse needs and require spaces that cater to their individual well-being and academic success. To accommodate the diversity of the student body, the university offers Rooms for Contemplation – safe and serene spaces for students to collect their thoughts, meditate, engage in private prayer or simply catch a break from the demands of university life.

These spaces are also invaluable for neurodivergent students who may find the university environment overwhelming at times and need a tranquil space to regroup and recharge.

Rooms for Contemplation serves as safe havens for individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs, fostering inclusivity and well-being within our academic community.

Where to find these rooms
There are currently two Rooms for Contemplation located in relatively close proximity to the LTH campus, explore the listing and map below to find their locations. If you have questions about the rooms or need any further assistance you can contact the F-guilds Samvetsmästare at

Room for Contemplation at SOL:

Address: Språk- och litteraturcentrum, Helgonabacken 12, Hus Absalon, rum 022


Hours: weekdays 08-17 for LTH students

Description: The room is located in the basement floor of the A building at SOL.

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Room for Contemplation at Ekonomihögskolan:

Address: Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum ECII


Hours: weekdays 08-17 for LTH students

Description: The room can be found by the Institution for Informatics on the first floor, room 141.

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