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Operating Director of Hilbert Café

Autumn Election of 2021

As Operating Director of Hilbert Café, AKA Vice CoffeeMaster, one aids the Managing Director of Hilbert Café, aka CoffeeMaster, but ones primary task is to supply workers to every café shift. One tags along the CoffeeMaster to learn a little bit of everything; one must master all four elements of coffee-mastering: coffee making, baguette-ing, baking and ventilating. Or maybe more accurately described as buying coffee in batches, ordering baguette ingredients, recruiting bakeds and accounting. As Vice CoffeeMaster, one has zero fiscal responsibility, but rather one must make sure that the café can run smoothly in its daily operations.
One is part of The Council of Executives (read: Nämnden) as Vice CoffeeMaster, and one gets promoted to CoffeeMaster after one completes a term/ semester as Vice.
The CoffeeMaster (read: Cafémästare) is responsible for the operation of Hilbert Café in its entirety, they are in charge of accounting and the café's finances, staying within budget, ordering of supplies for the café and making sure the café passes its health inspections.

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Operating Director of Hilbert Café kan sökas fram till 23:59, 31 Oct 2021.