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The Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is the guild's light in the materialistic darkness. We lubricate the gears that run the guild and support the ones in need of constructive services.

The council consists of the Head of Facilities, a fantastic crew of Caretakers, a clever Car Supervisor and a gang of noble Webmasters and su-permen, that are led by the even more noble Spider Master. Together we take care of the guild's tools, car, web page and a lot more.

Web page, server and app

The guild runs its own server for the web page and mail services. We also develop the code behind the guild's web pages and app. If you wish to read further on this, you may visit Github.

Bike repair days

A couple of times a year we organize bike repair days where all members of the guild have access to different tools, lubricants and spare parts for their bikes. We simultaneously organize a small sale of bike gadgets such as lamps and reflexes. During these events there are a couple of Caretakers available that can assist you in case something goes wrong.

The F-car

The guild owns a car that all members of the guild have access to. One can rent it for a reasonable price. for bookings and more information, you may visit the car rental page.


If you wish to borrow material, appliances or miscellaneous things you need to contact us. The tools are listed on the tool page, and are accquired by talking to a Caretaker. Beside these there are a bunch of other exciting devices such as speakers and tents that can be rented by filling out this form. Questions? Contact the Caretaker responsible for renting.


The F-guild owns a number of lockers that all guild members may rent. These are situated in the Hilbert room and are managed by The Facilities Committee. You may contact the Caretaker responsible for the lockers for more information.

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Who currently occupies the position?



Who currently occupies the position?


As merch designer you will take part in designing and selling the guild's merch and patches, and make sure that the members of the F-guild will be the most good-looking on LTH. In addition you will be responsible for selling overalls and song books, with help from the rest of the Facilities Committe.

As merch designer, you will get the chance to express your creativity, and you should be interested in design and want to see your ideas become real products that will be sold to the members of the guild.