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Member of the department board for Physics

Autumn Election 2023

As a member of the department board for Physics, you are called to meetings between 3 and 4 times per semester. Your duty as a member of a department board is to stay updated on what happens in the board and to prepare yourself before meetings. In the department boards topics that are specific to the department in question are discussed. Some examples of discussion points are those regarding the organisation and administration of the department, but also questions that are more relevant to us students and our studies. Moreover, the term of office for the position is 1 year and you are not really chosen by the guild, but rather nominated and then officially chosen by the representative council of Teknologkåren and thus you become an official at Teknologkåren and not the guild. The F guild has two seats in the department board for Physics, one ordinary and one substitute, both these postitions have the same role but only the ordinary member have the right to vote.

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Member of the department board for Physics kan sökas fram till 23:59, 28 Nov 2021.