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Information about spring semester 2023

Hanna Areskoug 20:40, 30 Mar 2023

Hallojsan in the meeting-pants!

The agenda for the spring semester meeting 2023 is now up on the election page on the F-Section website. We in the board also want to tell you that the registration for the spring semester meeting 2023 has opened. There is an unlimited number of places and everyone who is registered gets food the first two days! For more information see the event in the calendar on the F-section's website.

We can also announce that the nominations for the spring semester meeting 2023 are posted on the bulletin board and on the F-section's website.

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DINOSORG-borg, a party at lophtet.

Ellie OBrien 16:14, 30 Mar 2023

Soon the fires of valborg will be burning just as once upon a time a burning meteor came to earth and ended the age of the dinosaurs. 🦖🦕☄️!!!! It's almost time for skvalborg and to honour this, reiseleiteriet are hosting DINO-SORG-BORG⚰️🦖.
Come and celebrate skvalborg and the dinosaurs' last night on earth with us, a BYOB party at lophtet with LIVE BAND! Sunny Saturdays are coming to brighten up this evening. In addition, a surprise in the theme dinosorg-BORG might be present. We are having a pre party from 19-21 and then the real party will be from 21 to 02.
Tickets are being released on Friday 12.15 in FAPPEN! You don't want to miss this evening, so set your alarm and pull out your best dinosaur/apocalypse costume and we'll see you there!
Burning dinosorgborg greetings reiseleiteriet 🦕💖🦖💕🦕

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Theme release for the introduction period

Sophia Stickel 16:46, 28 Mar 2023

It's finally time! On May 10th, F-fös and W-phös release their themes for the introduction period with thunder and roar in the Gasquesal! There will be a sitting for all the introduction period volunteers at F and W, and the evening ends with an incredible after party in gasque<3 At the after party, all members of TLTH are welcome and if you do not go to the sitting, you can buy separate tickets for this.

The ticket release for both the sitting and the after party is Monday, April 24!!!

More info will come!

Apply for Coordinator for ARKAD 2023!

Anna Andersson 17:25, 27 Mar 2023

Are you looking for an initiative? Are you eager to be part of Scandinavia's largest job fair? The application for Coordinator for ARKAD 2023 is now open.
There are many positions to choose from, including Event Coordinator, Career Room Coordinator, and Info Desk Coordinator.
Try something new or become even better at something you already know!
Apply here:

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Vilma Ylvén 16:39, 27 Mar 2023

Do you like crocheting or knitting? Do you have a project that you're currently working on? Do you need motivation to finish it or just inspiration and help from others? Du you want to learn a new craft? Sew a pillow case maybe? Do you like good company and even better company?

Since you're still reading we know the answer to to at least one of the questions is yes, so please bring any project and join us on Wednesday, and then Aron might not deem our project an absolute flop and stop giving us money.

(There will be a some of material and tools for the ones that have no project to bring from home. And access to sewing machines for everyone.)

See you Wednesday,
xoxo, garn girls (gender neutral)

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The Great Café Party

Teodor Westholm 17:24, 26 Mar 2023

Greatest guild!

In early May, the most spectacular event of the year will take place: the Great Café Party, aka the Cafést! This is a huge party with all the other guild cafés around LTH, for everyone who has been involved with the café in the last year. If you want to go to the party (which you do, of course!), you must have done at least one of the following:

Have worked at least three shifts in a single study period in the past year
Have been a ladybug at some point in the last four study periods
Have been a baked, snack mule or cardinal beetle at some point in the last two semesters
Have been a Head of the Café at some point in the last 62 years

If you haven't already fulfilled either of the last two points I'm afraid it is too late to do so. But do not fear, there are still two ways to be invited. The first is to sign up for ladybug on mondays, as we still don’t have anyone on that day. We have changed the menu so that the sandwiches on mondays don’t require any prep on sundays.

There are also plenty of available shifts to sign up to! Make sure to have worked at least three shifts before the 5th of May to secure your invitation.

The event will take place on either the 8th or 11th of May. If you’ve already earned an invitation, you will have gotten an email from me with a form, where you can let us know which day you prefer. Check your spam if you can’t find it, or let me know if you think you should have been invited, but haven’t gotten anything.

The Heads of the Café


Erik Thylefors 12:11, 26 Mar 2023

Dear Guild!

During the lunch Tuesday the 28/3 your committee of medals will award you with your funktionärsmedalj in the Hilbert corridor. Remember to bring your old medal provided you have one!

/Erik Thylefors, Chief Herald of Arms

The union at campus

Anna Andersson 16:51, 24 Mar 2023

What is Teknologkåren? Why does it exist? Who are the Sabbatical Officers? What does the union board do? What can you do at Teknologkåren and why should you get involved in something other than your guild?

Next week, we will be on campus during lunchtime to answer these questions. Stop by and talk to us for a while or just grab a cup of coffee!

Monday (27/3): KC4 (M-huset) and V-huset
Tuesday (28/3): KC (entrance C)
Wednesday (29/3): A-huset
Thursday (30/3): Mattehuset
Friday (31/3): E-huset

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Meeting order & Motion deadline

Hanna Areskoug 20:55, 23 Mar 2023

Dear guild!

Proposals for the meeting order for the spring semester meeting 2023 are now posted on the election page on the F section's website.

We on the board also want to remind you that the motion deadline is tonight at 11.59 pm. If you have a motion send it to

In the service of the section,
The board in 2023

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Skvalborg with Reiseleiteriet

Alexandra Pykälistö 13:01, 23 Mar 2023

Dear guild
What would Skvalborg be without reise? There will be a party at lophtet please come
/Your reiseleiterie

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