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Event on friday with Greenpeace

Hjalmar Mårtensson 17:42, 31 Oct 2023

Dear Guild,
The event on civil disobedience has attracted a lot of attention and reactions, so we would like to clarify some issues. We want to clarify that Greenpeace will come as a source of information for a discussion on civil disobedience where several aspects will be highlighted. They are not coming to promote themselves or to call for civil disobedience.

We will also send out surveys, one now and one after the event, where everyone (even those who will not be attending the event) is welcome to write their thoughts on the event. Through the surveys, you will not be able to influence this particular event, but you have the opportunity to influence future events organized by the F-Guild.

Locker rental round 2

Pontus Lindberg 13:11, 31 Oct 2023

The guild has bought new lockers! (Yay!). Exactly as last time, the locker rental will extend over the entire academic year. The price for the new lockers will therefore be no more than 75 kr! In these lockers you can store anything you can imagine (except any kind of liquid! It is strictly forbidden to store liquids in the lockers, ESPECIALLY alcohol, so please refrain from doing so!)
Sign up by filling in this form:
The form will remain open until Tuesday 7/11 15:00


Ludvig Wadenbäck 12:06, 30 Oct 2023

Hello everyone,

Now that the exam period has finished, I want to remind you to fill out the CEQ-surveys that have been sent to your email. It will help our job in the Study Council greatly and also the students who will take the course next year.

Have a great LP2,
The Study Council

Be a worker in Hilbert Café

Samin Chowdhury 11:06, 27 Oct 2023

As you probobly noticed it has been two miserable weeks as the Café has been closed. But have no fear cause Hilbert is here, if you sign up as a worker. if you have any questions dont hesitate to send me a PM on messenger.

for 2-3h of work you get
*unlimited coffee

Hilber Älgs order

Erik Thylefors 15:27, 24 Oct 2023

Dear F.

Take the opportunity to procrastinate studying for your exam by filling out the form for Hilbert älg's order:

Good luck with the exams!

Erik Thylefors, chief herald of arms

Bite discount code

Alma Kallstenius 14:29, 24 Oct 2023

Hello again!

Bite wants to make your exam preparation even a little easier. Therefore, they have given us a discount code in their app FNU23 which gives you a SEK 30 discount and is valid this week. The delivery to the maths house will also be completely free! 🥗

The app and some info about who they are can be found here:

Council Election Board on campus

Anna Andersson 19:28, 23 Oct 2023

Stay tuned! The Council Election Board will be out on campus next week to answer your questions about what the Council really does? and what the Council even is🙋‍♂️?

In addition to this, the Council Election Board will also be handing out candy and coffee☕, so swing by during lunch to get a bit wiser or just have some free coffee!

Monday (30/10): M-huset
Tuesday (31/19): Kemicentrum
Wednesday (1/11): A-huset
Thursday (2/11): Campus Helsingborg
Friday (3/11): V-huset

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Anna Andersson 19:26, 23 Oct 2023

On November 1st, it's time for the Kårestivalen! If you're interested in getting involved in student life in Lund, this event is perfect for you. Here, you'll have the opportunity to meet representatives from Teknologkåren’s Committees, Cooperative Associations, and other student-driven organizations in Lund. Everything from dance courses and student orchestras to pyrotechnical associations will be on hand to tell you about their activities. Come and experience a part of all the exciting things that student life here in Lund has to offer!

And if that's not enticing enough, there will be a pub open at the same time.

More information will be published in the event. See you at Kårestivalen on November 1st!
Event: Kårestivalen
Date: 1/11
Time: 17-22

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Cygni pub!

Alma Kallstenius 10:43, 23 Oct 2023

Hejsan alla tentapluggande! 📝

Längtar ni efter en kall god öl och gratis mat efter dessa hårda tider? På onsdag 1a November 18-21 i mattehusets foajé kommer FNU hålla en pub tillsammans med Cygni! De kommer hålla en liten presentation om sig själva och sen är det fritt fram att komma och prata med dem om livet som konsult. Anmälan öppnar kl. 12 idag och stänger på söndag.

Obs: Endast anmälda får tillträde till puben. Alla anmälda får en gratis nachotallrick eller burgare, men det kommer finnas så att man alltid kan köpa extra mat om man känner för det.

Allt gott och lycka till med tentorna,

Change of Scoring System For Some Mathematics Exams

Ludvig Wadenbäck 10:28, 22 Oct 2023

During the program management meeting, we were informed that the grading system for basic mathematics courses has been modified. The Mathematics Department recognized that the previous system, as it was, had discouraged students from attempting the higher grade tasks. Students who demonstrated good skills on the passing tasks but lacked the confidence to try the higher grade tasks were disadvantaged.

To address this, a slight modification to the grading system has been decided upon. In the new system, the score thresholds for the different grades remain unchanged. What's new is that you receive a bonus point for the higher grade part if you have earned 14 points or more on the passing part. Additionally, the number of tasks in the higher grade section has been reduced from four to three. Please note that for F, Pi, and Nano, the following courses are affected by the change during the October exam:

  • FMAB22 - Linear Algebra
  • FMAB66 - Calculus in One Variable Beta 1
  • FMAB65 - Calculus in One Variable B1
  • FMAB30 - Calculus in Several Variables
  • FMAB60 - Introduction to Real Analysis
  • FMAF01 - Analytic Functions

Please share this information with your fellow students, and good luck with your exams. Don't forget that your brain needs rest, food, and exercise to be at its best!