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Extra election for the Middle Manager in FNU

Alma Kallstenius 11:34, 10 May 2023

After the spring semester meeting, we introduced a new position within FNU, namely Middle Manager!
We are currently looking for someone who can take on this position next semester.

The middle manager is a very important person for the committee and the guild. A middle manager is someone who likes to work with people and guide them, someone who can be the Business Manager’s right hand. You will assist the committee’s members in their work, ensure that the members receive relevant training and oversee everyone’s well-being.
As a middle manager, you learn a lot about leadership and company contact. You get the chance to, already during your studies, to make contact with future employers, while at the same time you have the freedom to influence the committee and shape your own events and ideas.

Do you think this sounds fun? Do you want to get a nicer CV as well as a little more meeting snacks and an extra sittning?

Email to apply!

The board sits in Hilbert Café!

Samuel Eklund 13:44, 9 May 2023

On Wednesday the 10th of May between 10 and 12 the Board will be sitting in the café. Come by if you have opinions about something that should change, become better, or whatever else you wish to talk about! The upcoming board meeting next week will be the last one of this semester, and thus the last opportunity to raise items that the board can decide on!

All the best,
The Board

Puben Puben

Anna Andersson 20:32, 8 May 2023

Finally it’s every other Wednesday again!
Puben Puben opens its doors once again for thirsty and hungry students right after their lectures.
We serve, among other things, a sausage platter with mashed potatoes and shrimp salad, together with a good beer or perhaps a refreshing drink to kickstart the summer.

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Game night with @1337

Harald Caap 15:33, 8 May 2023

Greetings honourable guild! 🤖🎮
Tomorrow Tuesday (9/5) we’re playing Jackbox Partypack games in MH:G! Jackbox contains a collection of party games you can play together using your phone. You can expect anything from trivia, to monster dating, to drawing the wackiest t-shirt designs!
We plan to start around 18:00 o’clock, but it’s just fine to arrive later or just participate for only a little while. There is no requirement to actually play either; it will be enjoyable to simply hang out and watch if you prefer.
There will also be fika! 🎂🍰🧁
See you there!

Where Do We Draw the Line? - A discussion night with the Sustainability Coordinators and FNU

Christopher Moniz 14:02, 8 May 2023

Did you also get worked up about the new policy on section collaborations with arms companies? Do you feel frustrated that others want to end collaborations just because guns are bad ? Or are you the one saying that when others just don't understand? You may not even know what FOI or SAAB do?

Regardless, here is an event you shouldn't miss! Now you have the chance to: Learn about the companies that the F-section collaborates with Discuss and delve into your thoughts on corporate collaborations with other section members Discuss and maybe try to convince someone that you are right! FNU and the Sustainability Coordinators are organizing a discussion event on Monday, May 15th, from 17.15 to 19.30 in MH:G. We hope you want to discuss with us! The first 50 registered will receive a good meal from Bite! ❤

CV lecture and CV review with Sveriges Ingenjörer!

Alma Kallstenius 12:32, 8 May 2023

Dear Section!

On Monday the 15th of May we will have a visit from Sweden's Engineers for a lunchtime lecture on how to write a CV. It really is a great opportunity to get some expert advice on how to present yourself in a good way to potential employers.

In addition to the lecture, we will offer free tacos (from Bite) to everyone who attends! So it will not only be an educational day, but also a really good lunch.

Don't forget to register before Thursday via Fappen so that we can arrange the food. See you at the lecture!

In the evening you will have access to a free personal CV review from the experts between 5-7pm (approx. 10-15 min per person). To register for it, just fill out this forum before Friday:
(Ps: It can be combined with the discussion session on Monday with FNU and LiBu)

FNU :))

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Meeting order

Hanna Areskoug 21:03, 7 May 2023

Hallojsan in the extra-pants!

Here is the board's proposal for the meeting agenda for the extraordinary section meeting on May 17, 2023. Can announce that it is a real page-turner📚🌻

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Extra election for SRF is closing the 8/5

Hjalmar Mårtensson 10:13, 6 May 2023

Dear guild!
There is at least one candidate for the extra election for SRF, and the election will thus close at 23.59 monday the 8/5. It still isn't too late to candidate, so if you are interested, send your candidacy to! For more info, se the earlier news post where the by-election was announced.

Spring toast

Erik Thylefors 07:32, 5 May 2023

Dear section!

I would like to remind you that the spring toast is held today on the lawn outside MH. It will be possible to play croquet from 12.15, then the actual toast will take place at 12.45. If you were awarded a medal but did not return your own, this is an excellent opportunity to return your previous medal. If you missed picking up your medal, you can write to me on messenger and it should be possible to solve!

See you in the lovely May sun,
Erik Thylefors, chief herald of arms

Share your thoughts about The Festivities Committees operations

Sophia Stickel 15:09, 4 May 2023

As part of The Festivities Committees 2023 equality goals, we want to evaluate how guests at our events experience them! We do this in order to improve and develop our operations and to be able to pick up on any incidents where guests feel unsafe in order to prevent them. Our approach is to give all members of the guild the opportunity to respond to an anonymous form. Here is the current form:

We believe and hope that this will open our eyes to how the sitting culture is experienced by people who attend sittings and The Festivities Committees Masters will use your responses to implement changes that we believe are necessary.

If you have any questions about this form or about The Festivities Committees activities as a whole, you can email me, Sophia (Head of Festivities) at

If something has happened during a sitting, you can always reach out to one of The Festivities Committees Masters, usually wearing a coat. You can also always contact the section's Master of the Conscience Chris Moniz or President of the Commitée for Student Equality Neha Misra, both of whom are bound by confidentiality.