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Information about the corona virus!

Simon Althoff 14:45, 12 Mar 2020

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has sharpened their recommendations about the corona virus. Lund University who follows the updates has posted the following recommendation from the agency on their website.

“The Public Health Agency of Sweden has raised the risk factor for spread in Sweden to very high (10 march) and requests that everyone with symptoms of a respiratory infection, including mild ones, avoids social interactions that has a risk of spreading illness.”

The university states that it is very important that students and staff keep themselves up to date through The Public Health Agency’s and the Ministry of foreign affairs’ websites. We request that all our members listen to the university and continuously reads up on the situation through the following websites:

Apply to Song Contest Team Leader

Isabella Ljung 13:52, 2 Mar 2020


Don't forget to apply to Song Contest Team Leader! As Song Contest Team Leader you make sure that the F-guild participates in the TLTH Song Contest in the fall. If you have any questions just send an email to!

Apply to no later than 5th of March.

Spring Guild Assembly

Teodor Bucht 09:42, 28 Feb 2020

Spring Guild Assembly 2020

Welcome to the guild spring assembly 2020! The meeting will be on Monday the 6th of April and Tuesday the 7th of April. Wednesday the 8th of April will be a possible day of continuing the meeting if we don't finish the days before. You can candidate to open positions through the website. Send motions to the secretary before the 23th of March.

Full meeting documents can be found under the meeting forum.

Following dates and times

  • 6th and 7th of April (MH: R) - the guild spring assembly

with starting time 17.59.

Following dates and times before the meeting

  • 23th of March - Motion deadline
  • 30th of November - Publishing of the Meeting Agenda

For more information check the website calendar.
Should you have any other questions about the Assembly, contact the Board.

In the service of the Guild
Teodor Bucht, President

Apply to Song Contest Team Leader

Isabella Ljung 19:10, 23 Feb 2020


Were still looking for another Song Contest Team Leader! We already have one so you won't be alone. This is how an old Song Contest Team Leader describes the post:

I'm Emma and I was Song Contest Team Leader during autumn of 2019.
If you're a person who likes sewing, drawing, music, cooking or making others laugh then this is the post for you. As Song Contest Team Leader you get to try on almost anything. What I liked the most was the variety. You develop your leadership skills and it's a great post if you want to try on some more responsibility in the guild. And most important: you don't have to be a star to make a great spex!
If you have any questions just ask!

Apply to

Sign up introductionvolunteer

Henrik Palme 15:35, 5 Feb 2020

We have extended the period for the sign up to Wednesday the 12/2 (23:59). Below you will find the links to the different positions.
International mentor:
Mission mentor:
For more information on what all the positions entail, visit:
You are allowed to apply for more than one position, we will then ask you which one you want the most during your interview. If you are applying as a group you will fill in one application as a group.
We will be sitting in the Hillbert-corridor during lunch Thursday the 6/2 to answer questions and listen to opinions.
Our email is
We hope you wanna create this journey with us!

Henrik Palme 09:12, 29 Jan 2020
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Henrik Palme 14:07, 27 Jan 2020

Teodor Bucht 18:15, 23 Jan 2020

Election for members of FNU and head of alumni relations

Flores Van den Bossche 11:14, 23 Jan 2020

Now you can apply for the position as head of alumni relations or as member of FNU! As a member of FNU, you participate in and manage the committee's daily work. Corporate contact is fundamental in our work, but when an event is well organized, the tasks become much broader. If you are interested in e.g. PR, being head of logistics or if you have any other preferences related to event planning, there is usually room for discussion. Apply for the post by sending an email to

As an alumni manager, one organizes various events that will improve contact between both alumni and students, as well as alumni and alumni. The aim is to create a channel where experiences and lessons can be freely shared and inspire both students and working people. If you are interested in this position, you can apply by sending an email to

Remember that the registration of interest closes 31/1. FNU wishes you a nice week!

Apply to Athlete or Song Contest Team Leader

Isabella Ljung 15:02, 17 Jan 2020

Did you miss to apply to Athlete or Song Contest Team Leader then now’s your chance! As an Athlete you arrange different activities related to sports such as racket sports every week, tournaments or bigger activities every once in a while. You have meetings with the other Athletes, the Sports foreman and Minister for Culture every other week and you can also cooperate with other parts of the Ministry of Culture. You don’t need any prior experience, you just have to be excited to arrange things! If you have any questions please contact or

As Song Contest Team Leader you make sure that the F-guild participate in the TLTH Song Contest. The TLTH Song Contest is a contest between the guilds where you perform a kind of spex and also two different parts by a choir. As the Song Contest Team Leader you can delegate some parts to other people but you coordinate it all. People are usually pretty excited about this and the contest is fun! If you have any questions then please contact

To apply for one of the posts please send an email to no later than 31/1.