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By-election of the president of the student council for engineering physics (SRF)

Hjalmar Mårtensson 10:38, 4 May 2023

Do you often have comments on courses? Do you want to influence your and others' education? Are you studying engineering physics? Then the student council chairman for technical physics is just right for you and fortunately we are now calling for by-elections for the mandate period HT23-VT24.

Student council chairman is an important post where you get the opportunity to influence your education in many different ways, everything from which courses should be on the programme to how they should be managed and more. As a student council chairman, you get a very good overview of the education system at LTH and an insight into what impact you as a student can have on your education. You also gain invaluable experience of communication technology and information dissemination. The work aims to improve the quality of the programme and to safeguard students' interests. You will also work closely with other student council presidents and ministers of education.
For more information, visit or email the current SRF Erik at

To stand as a candidate, send an email to!

Samuel Ekström 16:52, 3 May 2023

Alumni pub tonight!

Samuel Berggren 16:16, 2 May 2023

(This event is not a pub exclusively for alumni. An alumni pub is a pub where current students mingle with alumni to learn more about working life).

Tonight at 17:30 the alumni pub of this semester opens its doors in Cornelis at Kårhuset! The event does not require registration, it is a drop-in event. The pub will serve vegetarian truffle mayo burgers and nachos, so don't worry about great food.

If that doesn't convince you, there will also be alumni (wow!!) from a variety of specializations. So if you ever want first-hand sources on specializations and working life, today is the day to come!

(P.s. the first five who come get free nachos!!!)

See you tonight,

Large alumnipub d3b1c5b0346ed9952e473cc2a1b14372

Spring toast

Erik Thylefors 12:00, 2 May 2023

Dear Section!

This coming Friday's lunch, the annual spring toastl will take place on the lawn outside MH. There will be the opportunity to play croquet, sing längtan till landet and, above all, the opportunity to toast to the arrival of spring!

See you in the fresh spring winds,
Your chief herald of arms

The last seats for the theme release!

Sophia Stickel 11:45, 29 Apr 2023

There are a few seats left for this year's theme release! It's on May 10th, you don't want to miss it! Reserve a place directly on the registration link:
Hope you have a nice valborg<3

The election is closing! 🐳

Emma Ekberg 14:30, 28 Apr 2023

The last positions for the Autumn Election closes TONIGHT 23.59
This is the last chance to apply for the Autumn Term of 2023!!! 🤩
The supplementary election for Song Contest Team Leader is also closing at the same time 🎼
On the website you can find descriptions of all the positions and find what’s right for you

Whaley regards,
The Nomination Committee

Apply for Lund Formula Student!

Anna Andersson 18:42, 27 Apr 2023

Do you want to be a part of the biggest engineering competition in the world, get practical engineering experience from concept to final product, contact with future employers and friends for life? Lund Formula Student got you covered!

Most relevant for you studying physics might be simulations, computational mechanics and control systems but we do everything from PCB-design and CAD to marketing and corporate relations.

Apply now via the form below! Member applications closes the 14th of may.

For more information, visit our website at

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Anna Andersson 18:38, 27 Apr 2023

Do you wonder what possibilities there are to be active at Teknologkåren?

Do you wonder what Teknologkåren actually is and why it exists?

Would you like to attend a lecture that answers these questions and get free lunch?

Then you should mark the 8th, 10th, or 11th of May in your calendar!

Kårinfo is a lunch lecture about Teknologkåren aimed at showcasing the organisation and its activities. The focus is on ongoing projects and how to get involved.

More information can be found at

Large k rinfo facebookinl gg d12369583b3019033e2307426797dab3

Information from the Student Health Centre about Valborg

Anna Andersson 20:05, 25 Apr 2023

Information from the Student Health Centre at Lund University:

The Walpurgis (Valborg) celebration is fast approaching! To make these days fun and memorable, the Student Health Centre would like to remind you to party consciously!

Here are 5 simple tips to follow:

  • If you drink alcohol, choose drinks with a lower alcohol content.
  • Drink water every other time!
  • Eat something before and while you drink.
  • Speak up if you see or experience something that is not right.
  • Take care of each other – and have fun!

If Valborg didn't go as planned, you are welcome to make an appointment at the Student Health Centre. Right now, there are plenty of available time slots. You can find more information at:

See the Student Health Center's video about partying responsibly at:

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Extraordinary guild meeting!

Hjalmar Mårtensson 14:02, 25 Apr 2023

Dear guild,

The board hereby summons you to attend an extraordinary guild assembly with regards to the auditor's report and to discharge the board of 2022. The reason for the meeting is that the budgetary report arrived late and could not be audited in time for the spring guild assembly. The assembly will take place the 17th of May at 12.15 in MH:G (subject to change).

The Board