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Apply for volonteer

Lovisa Werselius 16:32, 8 Feb 2024

Hello Guild!

If you have applied for introduction volonteer, you will get an email this weekend to book your interview. We will start with the first interviews Sunday the 11th of February.

Don't forget to apply! The application will close tomorrow at 13:00.

If you want to know more about being introduction volonteer, you can read about it on the website, under the headline Introduction volunteer.

Here is the application form for mentor and extrafös:

The Introduction Committee <3

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Stock game x Alumni pub

Samuel Berggren 11:33, 7 Feb 2024

Registration is now open for this year's sickest collab pub! Next Friday (16/2) it's time to dip your hair in hair gel, put on your suit pants and let greed take over as you once again get the chance to see who the guild's stock market sharks are! This time with several prizes at stake! Not least for those who dress the best!

But beware! Because there will be cunning alumni who can use such unknown things as life experience in their stock trading! Perhaps you will be outmaneuvered by an old hand. If you're smart, you might even have something to learn from them!

More information and registration for you and your team in the F app:

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Joar Gelin 18:23, 6 Feb 2024


On Saturday, March 2nd, Sexmästeriet 2024 invites you to “Skiftesgasque” in Gasquesalen! You can go to Skiftesgasque for free if you have been a volunteer in a committee at the F-guild during the past year or have just become one. Please read the Policy for volunteer benefits ( or ask your committee chair to find out if you can go this time!

Registration will be done via a Google form and will open on Friday 9/2 (this week) at 12:00 when I post on Facebook and a news item on the website/app! Registration will close on Tuesday 13/2 at 20:00.
In the registration, you must indicate which committee you have been in/are joining and which committee you want to sit with at Skiftesgasque. Regarding the question about which committee you have been in/will be in, you can answer with more committees if applicable. You will also indicate your food preferences and whether you want to buy a beverage package. All beverage packages will be paid for via Zettle links sent to the email you provide in the form. Payment of beverage packages is binding!

There will be 300 seats at the sittning, but only those who meet the requirements to attend will be granted a seat. However, we ask that you take time to answer the form correctly, do not send double registrations and ask us or your committee chair questions about the registration before it opens if something is unclear. If you have been requested but are no longer a member of TLTH, please contact me at before the registration closes.


Register Thank You sitting at Lunds Nation

Harald Caap 18:14, 5 Feb 2024

Hello Guild!
We have had a wonderful autumn together, and to thank for this we only have ourselves. Therefore it is time for the great spring volunteer party! Let us have a spectacular sitting together, with an equally rad party afterwords, everything at Lunds nation for free. Alcohol is available for purchase at the bar.
Have you been a volenteer this autumn? Then sign up at this form Deadline for signup is 15/2.
Time: 29/2 19.00 - the night is young. Important to be on time.!
Place: Lunds nation, Play
Theme: Paradise Hotel
For more questions please write to
//Your funkyz Simon and Signe

The Recreation Commitee is recruiting

Pontus Thuresson 14:24, 5 Feb 2024

The Recreation Committee has begun its recruitment process. They are currently looking for individuals for positions such as Pub Master, Pubadept, Head of the song contest, Deputy Standard Bearer, Head Marshal and Head of the New Year’s Ball. If you're interested in being part of influencing and planning upcoming activities and are excited to meet new people, just click on the links below for more information about the specific positions and for the application:

Pub Master:


Head of the song contest:

Deputy Standard Bearer:

Head Marshal:

Head of the New Year’s Ball:

Application for mentor and extra fös.

Lovisa Werselius 12:50, 5 Feb 2024

Hello Guild!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for. It's time to apply for introduction volonteer!! Here are the application form for mentor and extrafös:

The application will close Friday the 9th 13:00.

If you have any questions, feel free to join us in the Hilbert Cafe Thursday the 8th. We will be there 11:00-14.00.

If you missed out on the info meetings you can find the presentation and other info at:

Kisses and hugs,
Föset ❤

Performance SÅS 2023!

Karolina Krüger 09:20, 5 Feb 2024

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to remind you of an incredible experience that should not be missed. Tomorrow, Tuesday 6th February at 17:15, Sångarstriden will once again perform its explosive contribution in MH362D. I highly recommend stopping by! 🎼🎼🎼🎼
-We who like Sås (sauce)


Lovisa Werselius 13:05, 4 Feb 2024

Dear guild member!

Don't forget the info meetings tomorrow (in Swedish) or Tuesday (in English), 12:15(..) in MH:G! After the first info meeting, the application for mentor and extra fös will open. DON'T forget to apply! The application will close Friday the 9th, 13:00.

Föset ❤

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Extra election for car foreman is closing

Pontus Lindberg 17:06, 3 Feb 2024

We have received at least one candidate to the extra election for car foreman. You will still be able to candidate until tuesday 6/2 at 23:59. Do so by sending an e-mail to


Frida Liliequist 19:28, 2 Feb 2024


Finally, the news you've all been waiting for, on March 26th the spring semester meeting will be held! And the election opens already tomorrow, February 3rd.

The Board🧡