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Headliner Nollegasque

Sophia Stickel 09:39, 22 Sep 2023

Nollegasque 2023 - a night you will never forget. The Festivities Committee presents tonights headliner: CHARLES VAN AMERSFOORT. Let King Charles transport you with sweet melodies on the dance floor in Gasquesalen tonight 00-03 and let the night go down in history!

Tracked greetings
The Festivities Committee 2023

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Sensation Red & the S-phest

Niamh McMullin 08:06, 20 Sep 2023

Hi everyone!

Today, the M-guild is releasing the tickets to Sensation Red ❤
As usual, it's a very popular event, where you can have fun with your mentor group or friends after the Introduction.

Don't miss the S-phest! This is also a recurring anual event! As usual, it's the K-guild who is hosting 💛

The board gives you sparking wine

Axel Orrhede 20:23, 19 Sep 2023

Good evening moose buddies!🦌🧡
On Friday, the council of operatives will give you sparkling wine outside MH from 16:30 before the nollegasque. But if you can't wait that long to meet us, we can meet already on Thursday! This is because the board will sit in the café between 10 and 12 o'clock and offer coffee. This week's theme is: Which post should I apply for?. Come and talk to us!

Last Tuesday we also had the second board meeting of the semester. We discussed some elections for the café, passed a budget for new thermoses for the café and approved the purchase of an industrial mixer! The next board meeting is Tuesday, September 26 at 17:15 in the Lands of Management and Operatives, you are welcome to come and take part in the board's work!

The board

Extra election for FNU

Alma Kallstenius 18:33, 19 Sep 2023

Hello, now you can apply to be a member of the Corporate Relations Committee (FNU)!
As a member of FNU, you run projects with the aim of improving contact between the section's students and companies. Examples of projects could be a lunchtime lecture or a case evening, but a member together with companies can themselves develop a new project for the students, only creativity sets the limits. Companies like reaching out to the students of the F-guild, and the FNU act as a link between them. The work also involves conveying an image of what opportunities are available after the studies, which can for example be done through inspirational lectures for the students.
If you apply via the filling form, the post will only be relevant between October and December. Expression of interest is done via this form:
If you want to work with this a little longer and join a completely new group, you can apply to join for the fall semester on the website.

Work at Stortorgs

Rebecca Jungåker 12:46, 19 Sep 2023

It's time to thank all the wonderful volunteers who have made the intorduction possible and this will be with a sitting! But what would a sitting be without workers? That's why we need you, who might be interested in trying to work a sitting and want to help us thank all the extrafös and volunteers who made this year's introduction what it is! You will also get to experience afterparty where the workers celebrate a well-executed sitting, when we're done for the day. If you have any questions, just get in touch with us Stortorgsfös or ask your mentors and they will certainly be able to help you! The layout looks like this: - The sitting will be held on Saturday 30 September at Stortorget - We will prepare and cook the food on Friday (29/9) from sometime after lunch until we are done for the day - We start working in the morning on Saturday with transporting tables, chairs and food to the sitting, which will start around lunchtime. After the session, we transport everything back to mh and clean up after ourselves and then get started with the after-hours in the evening! Register by Friday 22/9 at 12 noon and we will start with an information meeting on Monday lunch

Your big square bastards (this was translated with google translate)
Rebecca Jungåker, Lisa Fredriksson and Annie Wilhelmsson

Here's the signup form


Love Mattsson 16:13, 17 Sep 2023

Dear guild!
Here comes the message you all have been waiting for…more specific…”Bronsälgen” will take place this year as well!! Woohoo!!🤩🤩 Although, this time it will be planned by us athletes. 🏃Please read the following information:)

“The time has come for our dear first years and mentors to endure one last test before the “Nollning” ends - to run the famous Bronsälgen!!
The start goes outside the MH at 06:30 after Nollegasque and the journey goes up to the top of S:t Hans Backar before we head back to MH again. Reward?? The eternal admiration of the athletes and the opportunity to buy the priceless Bronsälgen badge (this time more beautiful than ever)!!”

Please observe that you can not by the badge straight after the run. We will inform you when and how it is possible to buy one.

Hope to see you there!
// Your excited athletes

The Committé of Medals and Honours sells guild ribbons

Erik Thylefors 12:12, 17 Sep 2023

Tomorrow lunchtime (Monday, September 18) the medal committee will be selling guild ribbons for the nollegasque in the Hilbert corridor. The guild ribbon is the icing on the cake that completes your evening dress. Take the opportunity to fix other medal-related matters in connection with this if you know you have something like that.


Victor Rasmussen 11:05, 17 Sep 2023

Attention everyone!
The Nominating Committee presents: the Autumn Election 2023!!! You don't want to miss it!!!

The autumn election is at hand! For the autumn guild assembly, you can apply to most of the guild's volunteer positions. Maybe you want to become the next Överfös, Head Of Festivities or Trumpeter!

This is your chance to enjoy meeting-fika, skiftesgasque, and thank you-parties, while making a difference for the guild and helping it achieve greatness.

You can both nominate friends and apply yourself at our website:

For positions elected by General meeting you will be invited to an interview by the Nomination Committee and the election will be held at the Guild Assembly.
For positions elected by Board you will be invited to an interview by the Committee the position belongs to and the election will be managed by the Board at an election meeting held after the Guild Assembly.

The election for positions elected by the Guild Assembly closes the 6/10 at 23:59.
The election for positions at the intermediate election by the Board closes the 19/11 at 23.59.
The election for positions elected by the Board closes the 27/11 at 23:59.

If you have any questions, email the nominating commitee at:

Estimathon with Jane Street!

Alma Kallstenius 12:04, 16 Sep 2023

Do you know how many computers were connected to the Internet on January 1, 1989? Or how many YouTube videos have more than 1 billion views?

If these questions keep you up at night, we have the perfect solution:
Estimathon with Jane Street! - a team-based competition that combines trivia, game theory and mathematical thinking. Participants will be placed into teams of 4 to 6 who will be tasked with solving 13 estimation problems in just 30 minutes. After the Estimathon concludes, there is a Q&A session with Jane Street traders, software engineers and recruiters to learn more about the company's many opportunities.

If you want free food and to sit in the math house, you must register via Fappen via and this form: no later than September 21st.
If you want to sit at home with some friends, it's fine to just register via the form to join virtually.

The fill selection for FARAD closes

Eric Hansson 12:12, 15 Sep 2023

FARAD has received enough applications and therefore closes the election Tuesday 19/9 17.00.
If you want to apply, do so at this link:
Those of you who have already booked an interview but haven't had it yet will have it as planned.
Have a nice day bye