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The union at Campus

Anna Andersson 11:59, 31 Aug 2023

What is Teknologkåren? Why does it exist? Who are the Sabbatical Officers? What does the union board do? What can you do at Teknologkåren and why should you get involved in something other than your guild?

Next week, we will be on campus during lunchtime to answer these questions, and many more. Stop by and talk to us for a while or just grab a cup of coffee!


Monday (4/9): Mattehuset & Maskinhuset

Tuesday (5/9): V-huset & A-huset

Wednesday (6/9): Campus Helsingborg

Thursday (7/9): E-huset & Kemicentrum

Friday (8/9): Kårhuset (in connection with lunchbeat)

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Backpacks for mentees!

Samuel Berggren 11:19, 31 Aug 2023

Howdy all mentees!

Just today during lunch, FNU will be distributing the beautiful, stylish and downright bussin' F backpacks TOTALLY FREE outside MH!

That said, we want to give a big thank you to this year's backpack sponsors who have made this possible:
Jane Street

(The backpacks are only for mentees, not mentors)

See you there!!!

Hop on the TryING bus!

Nils Brasar 16:01, 30 Aug 2023

Hello everyone!!
FlyING is happening this coming Saturday, and for those of you who want to attend, we in Föset have arranged the offer the times. This year, there will be a TryING bus for those who haven't obtained regular FlyING tickets. The ticket covers a one-way trip to Helsingborg and costs 65 SEK, which is both cheaper and better than Skånetrafiken, since you can wear an overall and play games! Gather a group and sign up in the F-app. Registration closes tomorrow at 12 PM.

Meet the board in the cafeteria

Axel Orrhede 22:18, 29 Aug 2023

Good evening everyone!🌜🧡
On Thursday the board will be sitting in the cafeteria between 10 am and 12 pm with free coffee. We would love to hear all of your questions and opinions about F-sektionen!
The board

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Lära-Känna-Gasque registration is open!

Sophia Stickel 15:43, 29 Aug 2023

Registration for the Lära-Känna-Gasque is open in the F-app until 19:00 tonight! Mentees and mission mentors are prioritized to get a place but there are still places left even if you do not belong to these groups, take advantage! Everyone is welcome<33

Patch skii trip 2023

Hanna Areskoug 14:01, 29 Aug 2023

Halloj in the patch-pants
On Thursday lunch (31/8 12.15-13.00), in connection with the patch picnic, we will hand out the patches from the ski trip 2023 to those who were on that trip and hasn’t picked up their patch yet!
We will be standing next to the patch-seller so just come up and ask for the patch!
Your very old athletes

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Bike service and merch selling

Pontus Lindberg 13:09, 28 Aug 2023

At thursday lunch we will have the first bike fixing day of the semester. Let us help you fix your poor bike. We will also be selling merch and patches at the same time. My tip is to buy stuff then, so you won't have to pay extra and queue at the patch pic nic on sunday. See you!

Hilbert Café opening day

Samin Chowdhury 08:53, 28 Aug 2023

Opening day, make sure to grab some breakfast🥪 during the lecture break and no need to stand in the endless grönt o gott queue as you can grab one of our delicious Hilbert baguettes.

Work in the café

Emil Grunning 14:32, 27 Aug 2023

Tomorrow is the opening of Hilbert café for the semester, but we need more cafeworkers. Besides that it's really fun to work in the cafe, does the workers get free coffe, fika and a lunchbaguett.

You can apply for a work shift in the F-app or on below the tab Hilbert café. It is also tradition that the faddergroup which works the most shifts can decorate the cafe with something that will remain for all eternity

Nominate someone to the Hilbert Elk Scholarship!

Hjalmar Mårtensson 13:10, 21 Aug 2023

Every year the Hilbert Elk scholarship is awarded at Nollegasque to some who just have begun their second year here at the F-guild. This year the format will be slightly different, where a smaller number of people are awarded the scholarship, and the selection is based on nominations from you! So if you know someone who makes your or someone elses studytime better, makes sure the F-guild is a nicer place or simply brightens up your time here at the guild, don't hesitate to fill in a nomination for them in this form:!

If you have any questions regarding this, do write to This form will be open until a few days before Nollegasque, and there will be reminder-posts about this during the nollning.

Best regards,
The Scholarship Committee

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