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Tova Franvin 18:10, 14 Apr 2024

@leets are finally introducing the F-guilds's very own chess tournament!! WOOOHOOOoo how exciting!! 🦁🦾

To sign up, click the link below:

We have acquired two beautiful chess boards, the matches are planned to take place in MH with 10+5 minutes of playing time per player. The exact format of the tournament will be announced later, but it will involve group stages followed by knockout rounds. Kind of like how the ping pong tournament usually goes.

The first matches can be played starting from Monday next week, April 22nd. The final match is a few weeks ahead.

The winner of the tournament will also get to face the guild's very own International Master, Milton Pantzar!!💨🙌

Join in, and together we can create F-history.♟️🟧

// Your hyped @leets

Lunch lecture by Lingotion.

Hampus Green 12:10, 14 Apr 2024

Hi everyone!

On monday the 22/4 we welcome the founder of the startup-company Lingotion to hold a lunch-lecture in MH:G. Here is a short presentation from the company:

We are providing lunch to present Lingotion, an exciting startup in Lund working with
generative AI in the video game industry. Lingotion is looking for 3 newly graduated
engineers, or students at the end of their education – to build the company’s
research and development group from the ground up. This group will become the
core of the company's future product development. The startup is based on research
and prototype work carried out by the tech serial entrepreneur Andreas Rodman,
who will present the company followed by a Q&A session.
22 April 12:15 Gårdingsalen

The lecture will be held in english and you can sign up in the app from 14:00 to get a free hilbert sandwitch, see you there!

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Election of Överför and Aftermoviefös

Lovisa Werselius 17:03, 12 Apr 2024

The Introduction Committee announces the election of Överförare and the filling of Aftermoviefös.

To be Överför means that you are responsible for convening Föret during the introduction, you plan För events and you will also be the contact between Föret and the Introduction Committee.

As an Aftermoviefös you get to participate in various events during the introduction to film and then make an aftermovie.

The election closes Monday 15/4. Email if you want to apply for any of the positions.

Lunch lecture with Sveriges Ingenjörer

Max Larsson 08:49, 12 Apr 2024

Next week on wednesday 17/4, Sveriges Ingenjörer will come to the F-guild to give a lecture on how to create a professional resumé in order to land your dream job. Registrations opens today, friday at 12:00. Don't miss the opportunity to also get personal guidance on how to improve your own resumé in Alumnirummet after the lecture
Participants will receive a classic Hilbert sandwich.

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Fix-anything with the Facilities committee

Pontus Lindberg 12:23, 9 Apr 2024

The Caretakers have broadened their horizons. They no longer only want to take care of your bikes, but all of your belongings! Some examples:

  • Fix holes in clothing (we have sewing machines!)
  • Swapping out broken cables and contacts (in charges for example)
  • Replacing built-in phone batteries that have started getting tired
  • Repairing furniture
  • Tape and glue broken course books
  • Still bikes!

Take this opportunity to save on both money and environment!

Some repair jobs require special components and parts. Therefore, please send an email to where you explain what you want to do beforehand so that we can investigate whether something needs to be purchased until then.

If this seems interesting, meet us somewhere in MH (probably the foyer) on the 23rd of april at 16:00!

Cleaning day in MH - 21 April

Victor Rasmussen 17:23, 3 Apr 2024

Honor Hilbert Moose's death anniversary with some spring cleaning in MH.

Each committee will have its area of responsibility, so all volunteers are more than welcome to come and help!!!

The board fixes food at cost price, aaand we will grill!!!!
Sign up in the F-app to be guaranteed food!

It will be a nice hangout for everyone who wants to!

Huggs and kises,
the board

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By-election of Song Contest Team Leader

Tova Franvin 16:10, 2 Apr 2024

Due to the vacancy of the Song Contest Team Leader, the Ministry of Culture is now looking for new applicants! As a Song Contest Team Leader, you have the overall responsibility to ensure that the F-guild has a contribution in the “Sångarstriden”, a cross-sectional competition where LTH's sections compete against each other in spex and choir.

Do you like singing, theater, dance or spex? If so, this could be something for you!

The application is open from now until 3/5 23:59. You can apply by going to the website under Guild Meeting - Election - Song Contest Team Leader. Here is also the link to the election page: When the election closes, you will be invited to an interview with a nomination group.

If you have any questions or concerns about the post, feel free to write to me at or ask me in the corridor!

Introduction dance lunch

Lovisa Werselius 14:20, 26 Mar 2024

Hello, guild!

Isn't there something magical about introduction dances? Lots of students letting loose to good music together. It's super fun! So why wait until August to get in the mood?

At lunch on April 16, the Introduction committee and the reiseleiters invites all of you to the lawn outside MH, where we will dance through a bunch of dances. More detailed info is available as an event in Fappen. Join us, it will be fun!

// The Introduction Committee <3

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Tire change

Pontus Lindberg 13:04, 26 Mar 2024

Highly honored members of the guild,

It is a great honor to present news and updates surrounding our car, F-älgen. 🚗 With that in mind, I would like to present an event during lunch hours where you’ll have a refreshing drink and I’ll change tires, the braking system, remove the noise suppressor, do a fully clothed naked car wash on asphalt in protest against the sustainability group and finally put the car up for auction in exchange for a faster (if trimmed) Volva EPA. See you the first of April! 😘 😊🥰 🫎

Car supervisor Julian Malmsten 😎

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Information on the spring semester meeting

Frida Liliequist 12:17, 25 Mar 2024

⭐Hello dear guild member⭐

Now the spring semester meeting is really starting to approach by leaps and bounds. Now everything you need to know for the meeting is up on the website under the guild meeting forum. Since we will be so many, there has been a change of hall from MH:G to MA:7. Do not forget that the meeting starts TOMORROW on March 26 at 17:59 in MA:7.

Food will be offered to the registered participants for a cheap price. If you bring a lunchbox, the price is even cheaper and more sustainable!

Before you come to the meeting, please make sure to do the following: Make sure you have a working login to the guild's voting system: If you do not have an account already, you need to register one with your school email ( If you already have one, you should make sure that you can access the account.

🧡The Board🧡