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The sixtieth "trulsstöt"

Harald Caap 11:11, 7 Apr 2023

Now the Øverstøtare are planning for the eminent Trulsstöten 2023, the sixtieth in its order, and one of LTH's oldest traditions.

See poster for more information.

For stöten,
Øverstøt Joakim Tufvegren && Øverstøt Mattias Eklund

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Anna Andersson 16:25, 6 Apr 2023

ATEC is a survey aimed at collecting opinions from students who are active at LTH (Lund University Faculty of Engineering) about business activities at both the student union and guild level.

This survey is designed to gather information on students' experiences and opinions on business activities at LTH, which can provide valuable insight and feedback for future planning and development of these activities.

By collecting this information, LTH's student union and section organizations can improve their ability to offer high-quality business activities that support students' academic and professional development. Therefore, we would have appreciated it if you filled out this survey!

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Pedagogical Award 2023

Anna Andersson 16:17, 6 Apr 2023

The nomination is open for the Teknologkårens Pedagogical Award!

The Teknologkårens Pedagogical Award is a highly appreciated award and means a lot to teachers who put great commitment into their work. This drives more teachers to develop the pedagogy, inspiration and commitment at LTH's programmes. Thank you for participating and contributing to honouring fantastic teachers!

The criteria are as follows:
The award is given out to a teacher that works at LTH and that's improved the pedagogical situation, the inspiration and the commitment at LTH's educations. An interest for the students opinions and ideas about teaching is meritorious.

Nominate a teacher that you think fulfil the criteria at
Deadline 16 April.

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Reise23 accepting payments for Dinosorg-Borg

Erik Nord 13:02, 4 Apr 2023

Skvalborg-excited guild!

Tomorrow (wednesday) we will be sitting in the hilbert corridor at lunch where you can pay for your tickets! There are also a limited number of tickets left and they will be first come first serve if you want to buy one for a friend (doesn’t have to be someone studying at LU)!



Teodor Westholm 10:29, 1 Apr 2023

Dear guild

As you’ve all surely noticed the last few weeks, the prices of the products in the café have increased. During these times of high inflation, there is unfortunately not much we can do, but we do understand that your wallets may be hurting and that home-made lunch box seems more and more worth the effort. The consequence of this, however, is that the café is no longer selling as well as it used to, so in order to keep to our budget and minimize unnecessary food waste, we’ve had to take a few drastic measures. I thereby want to inform you that the following changes will be made:

1) All fish will be locally produced: Since the price of Norwegian salmon has hiked, it will be replaced by fish that has been caught as close to the math building as possible, namely in sjön Sjön!

2) Tahini will be exchanged with peanut butter: If you notice that the hummus sandwich tastes a little different, that is because we’ve replaced one of the hummus' most fundamental constituent parts, the tahini, with a cheaper, but texture-wise comparable alternative. We hope that the new peanut hummus will be an exciting and unique flavor experience!

3) Bell pepper sold separately: Have you bought a bell pepper recently? It costs more than a chicken ffs. If you want bell pepper on your sandwich, you can buy it for 2 kr/slice. The slices will also be precision cut with an industrial laser to ensure a maximum thickness of 3mm.

4) Price discrimination with respect to program: Since the average salary of a person with a degree in engineering physics is higher than other programs, we will offer a discount to all π- and nanoscience students shopping in the café!

5) We’re removing the holes from the bagels: Since the hole in the bagel accounts for nearly 40% of the production cost, we will replace them with a bread whose shape has a lower topological genus.

6) Golden tickets: During this semester, we will place five golden tickets in five randomly selected Hilbert sandwiches. The five lucky persons who get a ticket in their sandwich will get the chance to visit my sandwich factory, where you can see behind the scenes of how your favorite Hilbert sandwich is made. You only get one opportunity like this in your life!

7) Relocation of the entire café: Since the majority of our customers are medical students, we’ve decided to tap into this far more profitable market by moving the entire café to BMC. Do you still want a Hilbert sandwich without having to cross Tornavägen? No problem! At the last guild assembly we introduced a new position, the snack mule, who handles orders and deliveries. Thanks to this new position, you are now able to have a freshly made sandwich delivered straight to you via mule! And not only that, the first 100 people to use the code APRIL1 will get the delivery for free! Your sandwich will arrive in 3-5 business days.

We hope that you will understand the necessity of these changes, and that Hilbert café can rely on your continued patronage.

With love
The Heads of the Café


Harald Caap 08:16, 31 Mar 2023

Good morning!

Those who were on the ski trip in either 2022 or 2023 have been invited to an event next Wednesday (aFtEr aFtErski). To clarify, this is a private event and is not financed by the section's money. What has happened is that the people who arrange the trips via SkiVenue get free trips from SkiVenue. Since we who arranged the ski trip in 2022 & 2023 think it is unreasonable that we should be allowed to go the alps for free, we are now offering back to those who were on the ski trip via this event and GoKart. We believe that this money belongs to those who went on the ski trip. We are currently looking at solutions to ensure that this money goes to the section instead. Hope it clarified and feel free to contact me if you have any questions😁
////”aftEr afterSki" organizers

Ticket release Tandemstafetten 2023!!

Harald Caap 08:15, 31 Mar 2023

Soon it's time to book your place to participate in Lund's biggest event!! On 4/4 at 17:15 there will be a post on FB that will guide you to the location of the ticket release and then it is up to you to use that information to get to the location as quickly as possible. It is therefore first come, first served to buy a ticket for the tandem relay and you have to show up on site BUT you have the option to pay for ONE other person who cannot come. All our tickets are reserved for F-guild members and we have a total of 24 tickets to sell so you have to be quick! The price per person will be 999kr.

Therefore, make sure to pump up your tires and oil your chains so that you can get a ticket for the tandem relay!! Who knows, maybe there's a surprise there too?

Roll easy (but quickly),
The tandem generals

Information about spring semester 2023

Hanna Areskoug 20:40, 30 Mar 2023

Hallojsan in the meeting-pants!

The agenda for the spring semester meeting 2023 is now up on the election page on the F-Section website. We in the board also want to tell you that the registration for the spring semester meeting 2023 has opened. There is an unlimited number of places and everyone who is registered gets food the first two days! For more information see the event in the calendar on the F-section's website.

We can also announce that the nominations for the spring semester meeting 2023 are posted on the bulletin board and on the F-section's website.

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DINOSORG-borg, a party at lophtet.

Ellie OBrien 16:14, 30 Mar 2023

Soon the fires of valborg will be burning just as once upon a time a burning meteor came to earth and ended the age of the dinosaurs. 🦖🦕☄️!!!! It's almost time for skvalborg and to honour this, reiseleiteriet are hosting DINO-SORG-BORG⚰️🦖.
Come and celebrate skvalborg and the dinosaurs' last night on earth with us, a BYOB party at lophtet with LIVE BAND! Sunny Saturdays are coming to brighten up this evening. In addition, a surprise in the theme dinosorg-BORG might be present. We are having a pre party from 19-21 and then the real party will be from 21 to 02.
Tickets are being released on Friday 12.15 in FAPPEN! You don't want to miss this evening, so set your alarm and pull out your best dinosaur/apocalypse costume and we'll see you there!
Burning dinosorgborg greetings reiseleiteriet 🦕💖🦖💕🦕

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Theme release for the introduction period

Sophia Stickel 16:46, 28 Mar 2023

It's finally time! On May 10th, F-fös and W-phös release their themes for the introduction period with thunder and roar in the Gasquesal! There will be a sitting for all the introduction period volunteers at F and W, and the evening ends with an incredible after party in gasque<3 At the after party, all members of TLTH are welcome and if you do not go to the sitting, you can buy separate tickets for this.

The ticket release for both the sitting and the after party is Monday, April 24!!!

More info will come!