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Interviews with Axis at FARAD-fair

Elli Andersson 17:28, 27 Dec 2017

Hello everyone,
Interviews with Axis are going to be arranged for FARAD the 23/1 2018. Axis Communication AB is a company based in Lund, which primary buisness is the manufactoring of network cameras. You might be selected to be interviewed which might lead to such things as help with your master thesis and future positions at the company!
The selection process will be made through consideration of Axis preferenses. Axis has stated that they are primarily interested in students at the end of their studies in the fields of sofware, hardware, image analysis as well as computation and simulation. Even if you are not at the end of your studies there is still a chance that you can get selected for interview, especially if you have other relevant qualifications and are interested in the fields meantioned above, so do not be afraid to apply for this chance!

Apply here!

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Christmas greeting from the management

Maria Gunnarsson 16:36, 17 Dec 2017

We in the management of 2017 wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. See you in 2018!

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Downtime Information

Jakob Navrozidis 01:02, 13 Dec 2017

On Thursday afternoon (between 15.00 and 18.00), there may be some downtime in the web services of the F-Guild. This is due to a hard drive replacement. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

/Jakob Navrozidis
Web Supervisor of the F-Guild

Elected volunteers

Maria Gunnarsson 13:06, 22 Nov 2017

The autumn guild assembly for 2017 has come to an and, and these volunteers were elected:

President - Mattias Näsström
Secretary - Josefine Öder
Treasurer - Hannes Jansson
Överfös - Oskar Andersson
Minister of Truth - Otto Holmström
Minister for Culture - Adam Larsson
Head of Festivities - Oskar Keding
Operating Director of Hilbert Café - Axel Carlsson
Head of Corporate Relations - Ingrid Torstensson
President of the Committée for Student Equality - Ellinor Fagerberg
Auditors- Maria Gunnarsson och Linnéa Rosenbecker
Substitute auditors - Joost Kranenborg och Ivar Vänglund
Chefs - Tilda Glas och Jakob Gustafsson
Head Waiters - Joar Karlgren Gustavsson och Rebecca Svensson
Pub Managers - Tobias Gunneberg och Karl Eriksson
Sports foreman - Mika Persson
Reisemeister - Melinda Rydberg
Deputy Treasurer in charge of Festivities - Hanna Nilsson
Chief Herald - Arvid Åkerblom

The positions Deputy Treasurer in charge of Introduction, Song Contest Team Leader, Deputy Head of Corporate Connections and Editor of von Tänen were sat vacant.

Congratulations and good luck to all elected volunteers!

Maria Gunnarsson 12:15, 20 Nov 2017

Nominations for the Order of Hilbert Elk

Fredrik Andréen Blomdell 20:19, 6 Nov 2017

Honoured F-guild,

The Order of Hilbert Elk was formed in 2014, and is an order of merit, recognising distinguished
service over a prolonged time in the F-guild. The decision to award membership of said order is
decided by the Committée for Medals and Honours and the Chairman of the Board.
Nominations for said order will be sent in through the form, posted below.


For the F-guild,
The Committée for Medals and Honours

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Everyone who signed up for the ARM pub has got a spot!

Johanna Hjalte 17:08, 6 Nov 2017

Here is some some good news: everyone who signed up for the pub with ARM on Thursday has a spot!
Info: The event starts at 18:00, during the event there will be free food and an activity.
After 20:00 the pub will open for the whole guild at pub food will be sold.
If you can not come it is important that you let us know at
You are also very welcome to contact us if you have any questions and we will answer as soon as we can!

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Corporate week with ARM

Johanna Hjalte 13:47, 29 Oct 2017

Are you interested in programming, hardware development or applied microelectronics? Do you want to know what it is like to work in these fields? Or do you just want to know more about life as an engineer?
ARM is an expansive company in Lund that develops microchips. In study week 2 they come to the F-guild for two events.
Lunch lecture 7/11: The first job - The F-guild alumni from ARM tell the story of their journey from the first job as an engineer to today. These are mixed experiences from both large and smaller companies.
Pub night 9/11: Everyone who signs up will get food and two beer/cider/nonalcoholic. You will be placed with a couple of students and a representative from ARM, many of whom are F-guild alumni. This is a more personal opportunity to ask your questions about the work space.

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Report from meetings regarding the working environment

Maria Gunnarsson 14:07, 13 Oct 2017

During the past weeks there have been several meetings regarding the working environment in the Math buildning, the Math annex and Fysicum. Here are some information about what is going on, and what has been done to improve things for us. If you have questions about something, feel free to contact us through the web page.

  • In Fysicum there are plenty of group rooms with whiteboards that we can use.
  • The ventilation in the Math building is functioning also during weekends. If you experience that the ventilation works poorly, send in a complaint to Akademiska hus, you can find a link to where you can do that on our website.
  • If several of the microwave ovens in the Math building doesn’t work at the same time there is probably a broken fuse. Contact the janitor in case that happens.
  • There will be an upgrade of the computer network, and it’s expected to be done during the summer. The work will be quite noisy, and that’s why it won’t be done before.
  • The lighting has been replaced in all the corridors in the Math building, and during the winter break work will be done with the lightings in the foyer and in Hilbert café. In the beginning of next year we will also get many more lunch- and study places in the foyer.
  • In the crossing south of the Math bulding there is a quite bad traffic situation, and due to that a speedometer has been installed on Tornavägen to reduce the speed and the hedge outside of Sydskånska nationen has been cut to improve the visibility.

/Helena Hallefjord, safety representative samt Maria Gunnarsson, president

Task force: moderation of discussions on guild assemblies

Christine Sjölander 13:42, 9 Oct 2017

During the spring assembly we decided to create a task force to investigate in what guidelines we could have for the discussions during the guild assemblies. From this the chairman of the assemblies can moderate the meetings in an effective way. THe board is currently looking for members who are interested in participating in this task force. Take the chance and sign up you interest by emailing the board on We are also happy to answer any questions by email or in person!

The Council