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Registration for café shifts

Nils Thorin 16:54, 28 Oct 2021

Registration for café shifts have now opened! You can sign up on the F-guild website (not the F-app). There are no prerequisites to work a shift, and every worked shift gives:

  • a Hilbert sandwich
  • coffee the day you work
  • fika in reasonable amounts

and four worked shifts gives you a coffee card and the possiblity to attend the ledgendary café party!

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Table Tennis Tournament 2021

Nils Thorin 10:06, 21 Oct 2021

Hello ping-pong-loving guild!
It's finally time for the guilds most long awaited event since the the last table tennis tournament, namely THIS YEARS TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT!
During LP2 it will be lively in the table tennis room, as the group stage begins in week 2 that study period.
Sign up to the tournament here: .
Last day to sign up is Wednesday week 1 (3rd of November).
More info about the format and general info will be released in this facebook group: .
We're planning that the finals of the tournement will be played roughly in week 6, but can come to vary depending on how many participants there are.
Fast serves and good topspins
The Athletes 🏓

Large pingisturneringen collage 1da16dd3fc8a27fd1f00c5ddc9239b3b

Thanks for the survey answers, it's closing soon

Daniel Nesic 17:57, 20 Oct 2021

Hi all guild members!

I just wanted to thank you for all of your answers to the survey regarding distance education. At the moment we have 80 answers and that is very good. However, there is still some time left before the survey closes, so if you haven’t answered it yet feel free to do so for the betterment of your guild and for a chance to win a gift card worth 200 SEK.

Kind regards the Students´ Educational Council.

Followup to the "Only spiderMEN?" event

Lukas Gustavsson 14:37, 15 Oct 2021

Hello dear guild! In the event we held we tried to come up with different concept for the web and app. Below is all the links to the github issues for these concepts. So if you went to the event and are wondering what happened to your idea or wonder what we came up with during the event you can see these issues:

Book exchange page:
Save pictures from the galleri / own albums:
A hilbert café page for the app:
More functionality for the groupchats:

You fantastic eventgoers came up with some real banger ideas and the webmasters (and LiBU and FREJA) are super happy you came! So go and enroll for webmaster!

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Come to the Bike Party with the Athletes

Otto Grafström 14:22, 12 Oct 2021

Load the bikes, because the bike party is approaching fast!
Sign up in pairs or take the chance to get to know someone new. You and your partner will be given either starter, main course or dessert to invite 2 other couples. Then you and your partner cycle on to the next destination.

The last registration time is today (Tuesday 12/10) at 23:59 and registration takes place in the form below:

Your Athletes

Survey regarding engineering-oriented vocational training

Daniel Nesic 23:14, 11 Oct 2021

Hi again fellow guild members!

Here is another survey (, but this time it is about engineering-oriented vocational training. This course will be reviewed by the Education Board and therefore one of the student representatives from the Education Board wants students that have taken the course in 2018 or later to share their opinions about the course. If you have taken the course in 2018 or later, fill in the questionnaire and help to improve the education for the entire LTH.

Kind regards the Students’ Educational Council.

Practice disability awareness with LiBU

Lukas Gustavsson 21:43, 10 Oct 2021

Have you ever wondered how to flirt when the music is too loud? Have you ever had popcorn?
In that case - come to LiBU's event this Wednesday (13/10) and learn Sign Language 101 (flirting basics included)! Now in october one of the areas of focus for us at LiBU has been Disability Awareness and we have therefore worked hard to create a fun event that deals with this topic in several ways!
Schedule for the day:
17:15-17:45 We play pictionary and learn how to write words like quantum entanglement in different ways - like with our non-dominant hand.
18:00-18:45 Dinner (Bring/Buy your own food) and discussion!
19:00-19:45 Sign Language 101, where we learn things like both flirting and asking for help!
20:00-late We're watching the movie I rymden finns det inga känslor (In space there are no feelings) and enjoy some popcorn (we're not gonna forget this time)!
Hope you've had a nice weekend and that we'll see you on Wednesday!

Bike fixing day

Cofös Akke 14:42, 10 Oct 2021

Does your bike sound like a symphony by John Cage? Does it spread fear amongst car owners in Lund? Then you should probably bring it to the Bike fixing day on Tuesday (12/10) at 12.00-13.00. We will supply you with tools and a modest level of experience in fixing bikes. We also sell headlights and other gear so that you can have the safest bike in Lund

Survey regarding distance education

Daniel Nesic 20:58, 6 Oct 2021

Hi dear guild members!

We have now left most of the unpleasantries regarding Corona behind us and I think we are all happy about that given how difficult and demanding it has been. On November the 1:st, the plan is that all education will be back on campus as usual, but not everything will be exactly as it was before. Because even though many parts of the education were worse, there are also some things that got better and there are many lessons that we can learn from the special situation we have experienced in recent years. Therefore, the Educational Councils from all guilds within LTH have agreed to conduct this ( survey where you students get the chance to share your views on distance learning. These views will then be used by TLTH when they discuss how our future education will be designed together with the Education Board.

As an added bonus, among those who responded to the survey, three winners will be drawn for a gift card of 200 SEK. If you have any questions about the survey, you can email and the last response day is October 22nd.

So answer the questionnaire to improve your education and get a chance to win a gift certificate.

Kind regards the Students’ Educational Council.

Event with the Webbmasters, FREJA and LiBU

Lukas Gustavsson 16:13, 5 Oct 2021

The signups for our event were we will discuss how the Webbmasters work and the gender imbalance in the tech industry is now available!

The event is seen here or in the f-calendar here on the webbsite.

You do not have to be signed up to be able to attend the event!

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