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Welcome to the F-guild!

Oskar Andersson 12:40, 23 Aug 2018

For new students at the F-guild.

Are you admitted to an education at the F-guild 2018? We want to congratulate you and welcome you!
We are currently preparing ourselves with lots of events and fun activities for all new students in order to give you the best possible start of your time at the guild. You can already prepare yourselves for this by following the list beneath this text.

-Visit our website, and make sure to register and download our app (available in App store and google play) in order to keep yourself up to speed with everything that goes on in the guild. For information related to the introduction visit

-Follow F-sektionen on facebook, you’ll find lots of interesting information.

If you have more questions you are welcome to send a mail to the Fös. It’s the committee which is responsible for the introduction and you can reach them at

We are looking forward to meet you and get to know you!

Best regards
Överfös Oskar


Mattias Näsström 14:05, 9 May 2018

On the Board meeting the 8th of May we by-elected the posts President of the Educational Council for Pi and Project Manager of FARAD which were originally supposed to be handled at the extraordinary Guild Assembly. The reason that we in the Board choose to do by-elections is so that they can get started handing over the work.

It's still possible to candidate and nominate to member of the nomination committée, substitute for member of the nomination committée and minister for education until Friday the 11th of May at 23:59 on

The festitives commitie is looking for a VP

Oskar Keding 11:52, 7 May 2018

The festivites commitie is looking for somebody to try a new post, Vice Head of Festivites.
For information or questions, contact Oskar Keding, Head of Festivites!

Guild spring essembly 2018

Josefine Öder 20:13, 2 May 2018

The protocol from the guild spring assembly 2018 can now be find on the website.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact the board.

Have a nice day!

Josefine Öder, secretary

Extraordinary Guild Assembly

Mattias Näsström 13:11, 25 Apr 2018

We in the Board are now calling for an extraordinary guild assembly to process the posts that were made vacant during the spring assembly. This is foremost for the Members of the Nomination Committée since we as the Board can select the other posts via by-election.

The assembly will take place the 23 of May at 11:59 in MH:R.

The posts that were made vacant during the spring assembly are:

  • Minister for Education
  • Project Manager of FARAD
  • President of the Educational Council for Pi
  • 3 out of 5 Members of the Nomination Committée
  • 2 substitutes for Member of the Nomination Committée

You can candidate/nominate here:

If you have any questions, please email

Supplementary election for Minions of Truth

Otto Holmström 11:01, 25 Apr 2018

The ministry of Truth is holding a supplementary election for Minions of Truth! As a Minion, you assist me in spreading information to the guild by designing posters, for example. If you are interested, contact me no later than the 1st of May, at the following page:

Apply for planning the girls meeting!

Maja Svensson 17:02, 22 Apr 2018

Hello girls!
Föset are looking for two girls to arrange the girls meeting at the beginning of the introduction for the new girls starting at the guild next semester. This event will be on sunday the 26th of August. The job includes making fika, planing some fun activities and make sure some girls from the guild shows up and gives the new girls a warm welcome! Does this sound fun? Send an email to before 2nd may. If there are more applicants than spots we will arrange interviews during lv 6 or 7.

Hugs from Föset!

Evaluation of volunteer-election to the introduction

Maja Svensson 17:01, 22 Apr 2018

A while ago Föset completed the election of volunteers to the introduction 2018. Now we want to know what the guild members think of the election process, both information about it, the implementation and result. We want as many replies as possible and everyone who wishes can reply, even if you applied or not. Contact us at for a form in english.

Here’s the form:

Nominational Committes

Petter Karlow Herzog 16:15, 21 Apr 2018

Elected volunteers

Mattias Näsström 10:40, 20 Apr 2018

On the spring guild assembly 2018 we elected these volunteers:

Chair of the Board - Andreas Emilsson
Board members - Alexandra Lengquist, Elli Andersson, Hanna Axelsson and Vilgot Hillbom
Vice President - Jakob Navrozidis
Head of Facilities - Magnus Svensson
Operating Director of Hilbert Café - Kåre von Geijer
Editor of von Tänen - Jessica Lastow
Deputy Head of Corporate Connections - Alexia Han
President of the Educational Council for F - Philip Olhager
President of the Educational Council for n - Daniel Nesic
Member of the Nomination Committée - Simon Olsson (convening) and Peter Hallstadius

The positions Minister for Education, Project Manager of FARAD, President of the Educational Council for Pi, the substitute for Member of the Nomination Committée and three of Member of the Nomination Committée became vacant.

Congratulations and good luck to all the newly elected!