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For you who has met with an LTH-counsellor

Elinor Fagerberg 16:36, 25 Nov 2018


I would like to collect feedback from you who have met with one of the LTH counsellors. I am interested in how you experienced the meeting with the councellor, if you felt like you were taken seriously, how you were treated etc. To clarify, I do not want to know why you visited the councellor. I also want to know which councellor you saw.

Link to form:
The form is anonymous and I have confidentiality as well, which means I am not allowed to pass on identifying information such as names etc. without explicit permission. I do however want to pass on your opinions and feedback to the union and/or LTH.

If you wish to remain anonymous but want to be able to receive replies and hold a dialogue, use (use the button kontakta for Likabehandlingsutskottet). Remember to save the link so you can read potential replies.

If you don't feel the need to be anonymous and want to be able to receive replies you can email

Friendly regards
Elinor Fagerberg, President of the Committée for Student Equality 2018

Elected volunteers

Mattias Näsström 21:21, 22 Nov 2018

The autumn guild assembly for 2018 has come to an end, and these volunteers were elected:

President - Axel Carlsson
Vice President - Adam Larsson
Secretary - Otto Holmström
Member of the Board - Simon Althoff
Överfös - Joar Karlgren Gustavsson
Treasurer - Carl Boklund
Minister of Truth - Maja Svensson
Minister for Culture - Stina Olsson
Head of Festivities - Theresia Jansson Palmer
Operating Director of Hilbert Café - Melinda Rydberg
Head of Corporate Relations - Nik Johansson
President of the Committée for Student Equality - Seamus Doyle
Chief Herald - Teodor Bucht
Auditors - Johannes Tagesson and Jakob Navrozidis
Substitute auditors - Ivar Vänglund and Linnéa Rosenbecker
Chefs - Emma Fallenius and Anton Samuelsson
Head Waiters - Alexander Edthofer and Fredrik Dunge
Pub Managers - Andreas Timurtas and Axl Roos
Sports foreman - Staffan Alexandersson
Reisemeisters - Erik Ivarsson and Oskar Andersson
Deputy Treasurer in charge of Festivities - Karl Eriksson
Deputy Treasurer in charge of Introduction - Julia Adlercreutz
Member of the Nomination Committée - Gustav Lidmar

One of the postions in the Member of the Nomination Committée and both Substitute Members of the Nomination Committée became vacant.

Congratulations and good luck to all elected volunteers!

Vice Head of Festivites wanted!

Oskar Keding 11:06, 22 Nov 2018

During the Guild meeting the motion of Vice Head of festivities was voted through and we are therefore announcing an election to the post. Do you want to candidate to the first Vice Head of festivities send an email to at the latest Monday the 26/11 at 12.00. The interview for the post will be held later the same day, you will receive more info on email.

Excel course

Ingrid Torstensson 19:55, 13 Nov 2018

On November 27th, it is time for an Excel course at the F-guild. After graduating some of you
within F (Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Nanoscience) will get a job
as a consultant . E.g. within business/management. In these industries, Excel will be your best
friend (even in more technical jobs, knowing Excel will benefit you in different types of problem
solving). Therefore, we have invited a former F-student, who has worked in the consulting industry

and today works at Tetra Pak with business/management. He will provide an insight into how a F-
student can use Excel as a tool as well as learn the basics of Excel that will give you a big head

start. The course is 17.15-19.00. During the break, food will be offered at a small cost.

Autumn guild assembly

Josefine Öder 19:29, 13 Nov 2018

It's now possible to read the propositions and motions on the website. You can find them at Guild Assembly - Guild Assembly Forum.

If you have any questions, please contact the board.

I sektionsstyrelsens tjänst,

Josefine Öder, Sekreterare

Supplementary election for von Tänen

Otto Holmström 17:39, 11 Nov 2018

von Tänen needs more people! As a member of the editorial staff you help by producing different kinds of material for von Tänen. We meet 1-2 times a week where we write together and have fun!
Contact me through the contact page,, if you are interested!

//Jessica Lastow, Editor of von Tänen

Questions for the Autumn Assembly

Mattias Näsström 10:55, 8 Nov 2018

If you are interested in attending the autumn assembly email me att and I can explain what this is about.


Mattias Näsström 16:04, 5 Nov 2018

Now it's finally here, what you've all waited for, yet another way to get involved in the guild if you're interested in something lighter. We are some members in the guild who have started a project called Helpis. The idea is that anyone can help out with some guild related and get thanks for this. Do like this to get started:

  1. Join the F-guild's slack by registering with your student mail ( at
  2. Find the channel #hjälpis in the menu to the left
  3. Wait for someone to ask for help
  4. Help out
  5. Fill out the google form in the slack channel

When you've helped out a number of times you can change this for a thank you. As it looks now (may change) you can after helping out get the following thank you:

  • A nice patch for 1 time
  • Volunteer thank you for 3 times
  • Skiftesgasque

If you have any questions, just email!

Ski trip with the F-guild!

Adam Larsson 16:53, 11 Oct 2018

Join in on the F-guild’s ski trip to Val d’Isère! During reading week 1 in LP3 you will have the chance to go skiing in France instead of having your face stuck in a maths text book. Departure by bus is on the evening of Friday the 18/1, so if you have a late exam you can still come along(a more precise time will be updated here)! The price for the trip is 5999 SEK, and it includes the bus trip, an apartment with a kitchen, and a 6 days ski card. On top of this there are event packages, ski rental and more to add. Last day to sign up is November 4th, and you sign up at: Note that the sign up fee must be paid on the 4/11, and that the whole price must be paid 60 days before departure, which is the 18/11! We will get home on Sunday the 27/1 so you can be well rested for your 8 o’clock lecture!


  • The trip goes to Val d’Isère
  • Departure on 18/1 by bus. Home-coming on 27/1.
  • The price is 5999 SEK
  • Last day to sign up is 29/10

If you have any questions don't be afraid to write to Theresia Jansson Palmer on Facebook(or on

Come along, it will be fun!

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Open Committee meetings during study week 6 and 7

Leo Einarsson 11:01, 9 Oct 2018

During study weeks 6 and 7, the committees at the guild will be holding open meetings at which you can attend to learn more about the things they do at the guild. The times are as follows:

  • The Students’ Educational Council: 8/10 & 15/10 kl. 12:15 in the Board Room
  • Webmasters: 9/10 & 16/10 kl. 12:15 in the Board Room
  • The Committee for Student Equality: 9/10 & 16/10 kl. 12:15 in MH:362C
  • The Corporate Connections Committee: 9/10 & 16/10 kl. 12:15 in Sister Kents (SK)
  • The Board: Board Meeting 16/10 kl. 17:15 in the Board Room
  • The Festivities Committee: 18/10 kl. 12:15 in the Board Room
  • The Ministry of Truth: 18/10 kl. 12:15 in Sister Kents (SK)
  • The Ministry of Culture: 12/10 & 19/10 kl. 12:15 in the Board Room
  • The Treasury: 19/10 kl. 12:15 in Sister Kents

//The Management