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Springsemster-meeting 2023

Hanna Areskoug 13:17, 22 Feb 2023

Hallo in the meeting-pants!
Spring is approaching and we are starting to move towards brighter times. As an extra light in the darkness, the board announces the spring semester meeting on April 24-25!
Take the chance to apply for one of the section's fun posts, to make your voice heard by sending in motions, and to review last year's board! Who knows, maybe there is something yummy on our dear Nisse T...

The link to the election:

Ps. The board advises: apply for ValleB

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The Council

The board is in the café!

Nils Thorin 08:31, 13 Apr 2022

Hello dear Guild!

Before we all leave for easter break or really start studying for the re-exams, the board will be sitting in the café today between 10 and 12! Come and talk to us if there is anything you are wondering about the guild, if you wish to make a really cool idea come to life, or if you just want to chit-chat.

Best wishes,
The Board

The Council

Task force: moderation of discussions on guild assemblies

Christine Sjölander 13:42, 9 Oct 2017

During the spring assembly we decided to create a task force to investigate in what guidelines we could have for the discussions during the guild assemblies. From this the chairman of the assemblies can moderate the meetings in an effective way. THe board is currently looking for members who are interested in participating in this task force. Take the chance and sign up you interest by emailing the board on We are also happy to answer any questions by email or in person!

The Council

Synopsis board meeting F1-HT16

Joost Kranenborg 15:42, 8 Sep 2016

This meeting was the first meeting during the autumn semester. We met the new contact persons from the student union, ratified two decisions made during the summer and allocated money for Hilbert Café stickers.

Speaking of the café, five ladybugs (responsible for the café one day each week) were chosen for this study period. Lastly extra funds money was allocated for the annual trip to the zoo to visit Hella Älg (Hilbert's daughter).

The Council

Erik Andersson 10:17, 16 Dec 2015
The Council