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Corona information

The introduction this year will be a lot different to previous years. We the Fös have adapted the schedule to make sure we follow the governments direction regarding hindering the spread of Covid-19. We have also adapted the activities to make it easier to keep distance to one another as well as upholding proper hygiene by washing hands or hand sanitizer. This will be achieved by having the introductions within the mentor groups. The groups vary in size depending on how many that want to participate, but we are expecting around 20 people. Your group will go on all sorts of fun adventures and we hope that the introduction will be just as fun as past years. Larger dinners called “sittningar” will follow the rules of restaurants and cafés. The tables will have space between them and limited movement inside.
We highly encourage you not to participate if you feel ill. Make sure to stay home at least 48 hours after you feel better.
We hope that you feel comfortable with these adaptations to participate in the introduction. If you have any question, feel free to e-mail us at .
Hope we’ll see each other soon! - Föset