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Before the Introduction begins, there are a few things that are nice to have fixed. Some of them are important to be able to participate, while others just are nice to have done.

  1. Check out the information regarding studies in Lund and arriving in Sweden from the university here.
  2. Become a member of Teknologkåren, the student union for engineering students. This membership is essential for being able to participate in many of the events during the introduction, and it is through Teknologkåren you get your student ID. You become a member here. Print out the receipt so that you can prove your membership before the student ID arrives with the post.
  3. Create an account here on the F-guilds website, Here, you will be able to find information about events and everything that happens at the guild. You will also sign up for events taking place during the Introduction.
  4. Pack these things: Printed copy of your proof of admission, ID-card, Nice clothes for “Sittings”, (During the Introduction several “Sittings” take part, big dinners which often have a dress code. One or two nicer dresses or a dark costume is enough. You don’t need to buy anything new, you can come a long way on a dress from H&M or a blazer with dark jeans.), Sleeping bag and ground sheet (There will be an overnight stay between Friday and Saturday the second week.)
  5. If you haven’t already, get some place to live. It can be a bit hard to find a place to live in Lund, but there are several places to look: AF Bostäder (requires membership in Studentlund, more information below), Nations (some of them prioritize new students, scroll down for more information about Nations), Michael Hansens Kollegium, Sub-let via bopoolen, Facebook groups.
  6. Do you have Facebook? Then you can like the pages “F-sektionen inom TLTH” and “Teknologkåren vid LTH”. It’s often posted about different events and questions regarding studies there.

Some less important things, but nice to have done

  1. Get a bike, it’s a great way to get around in Lund. You can find one in the Facebook group “Sell/Buy stuff in Lund, Sweden”. Be a bit careful though, as the sellers are very aware that it’s a good market around this time when all new students arrive. You can also find a bike at the bikeauction, but remember that the bikes are sold “as they are” and sometimes need a bit of a fix.
  2. Become a member in Studentlund. Studentlund is the organization which links the Nations together, which are student associations organizing clubs, pubs and many other fun activities. These are not linked to Teknologkåren, so to be able to participate in their activities you need to be “written” on a Nation. Step one to doing this is to become a member in Studentlund, and step two is to register at a Nation live in Lund.

Big hugs and good luck!