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  1. Activate your student account/ID, which will grant you access to all computer-related services at the university (Very important). You can find more information here. Save your login details for this account.
  2. Become a member in the engineering student union, known as Teknologkåren. Without this membership you cannot partake in a lot of the events and activities that will be arranged, and it is through the union that you recieve your social student ID. You can become a memeber here.
  3. Create an account here at the F-guild's website, Here you will find information about events and other happenings at the guild. You will also register for events here!
  4. Fix a place to stay! The housing situation can be a bit tough, but here are some places to look: AF bostäder (Requires membership in Studentlund, se below). Different nations (who have novisch-priority for some lucky ones, look further down in the list for info on nations) Michael Hansens Kollegium, Second-hand housing contracts via bopoolen, Blocket and Facebook groups
  5. Get home insurance if you do not already have one. Make sure to get an insurance that would cover you in the event of an accident.
  6. Do you have facebook? In that case you can go like the pages F-sektionen inom TLTH and Teknologkåren vid LTH. There will be new information popping up about the introduction there. You can also join the Guild's facebook group F-sektionen.

Here are things that are not as important but still great to fix!:

  1. Get a bike! It is an amazing and convenient way to get yourself around Lund. Tips to find a bike is to look on blocket, in the facebook group “Sell/Buy Stuff in Lund, Sweden” or on facebook marketplace. Be careful however as sellers are aware that they have a hot market when many new students are aarriving in Lund in need of a bike. There are also bikes stores available (but probably pricier) around town.
  2. Get swish if you can. Swish is a widespread, safe app used for making instantaneous payments to both people and establishments. This can be difficult as an international student as you are required to have a Swedish phone number, but if you are staying here a while for example for a year or two it can be very worth it!
  3. Become a member of Studentlund. Studentlund is the organisation that interconnects Lund's nations, which are student organisations that arrange clubs, pubs, lunches and many many varying fun activities. These are not directy connected to Teknologkåren. To participate in nation activities you must first be registered at Studentlund (on the website) and then become a member at a nation once you arrive and are in Lund. You do that by going to the Nations reception and registrate.
  4. Look up your schedule here.

Big hugs and good luck!!!