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Vice President

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Vice President is a post with very varied tasks. This is mainly due to the many different responsibilities. In addition to always working closely with the President, the Vice President is also responsible for that the on-goings of the committees work well. That responsibility means that you have good contact with all Committee president's and support them according to their (and the Vice President's) needs. The Vice President is also one of the seven members of the Board.

As Vice President one also has indirect care of the visionary work of the Guild, which is partly done with the Board and members of the Guild in the form of visionary meetings. These meetings occur anytime from the initiative of the Vice president and can be lead by him/her.

As Vice President one is also responsible for projects in the Guild and acting as contact person at the start of such projects. Here you work directly with taking advantage of members' visions and transform them into reality.

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