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Common sense and etiquette in the microroom

Because you need it.
21 Sep 2022 Vilma Ylvén

Since you all refused to take the advice in my last post (well done, I'm proud of you) it's time to give you a proper lesson in micro-room etiquette. It comes to you in the form of a list so that it will be even easier to absorb.

  • Do not block the door.
  • Mikra with lid loosely on. It will be so boring for the ladybugs who have to clean up otherwise.
  • Go as far in as you can if you see a micro available further in.
  • A microphone is only on if the small red symbol above the numbers lights up.
  • Do not turn off the microwave after you are done.
  • No fish.
  • If you're going to bake your poor frozen lasagna for 10 minutes, you might as well go outside and wait outside and there will be more space in the room.
  • Become one with the wall/cart/recycling while you wait.
  • Did I mention you shouldn't close an empty mic?

With these simple tips and tricks, I'm sure you'll never make a micro-room faux pas again.

food in microwave,
Miss von Tänen