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Apply to be an introduction volunteer

Nils Brasar 13:17, 6 Feb 2023

It's finally time to apply to be an introduction period volunteer! Woohoo!!! If you would like to apply to be a mentor or an extrafös click on the link below for a form in English and fill it out! Interviews will then be held next week. The form will be open from today, Monday 6/2 13:00 and will close on Friday 10/2 13:00 so make sure you apply during this window! A calendly link will be sent out to everyone who applied after Friday so keep an eye on all the different mailboxes you have so you don't miss making an appointment!

Here’s the link to the English application:

If you missed the info meeting during lunch today, don't worry, another one will be held tomorrow lunch Tuesday 7/2 in MH:G. This time in English! The information and presentation slides will also be published on this page:

Yours truly,

Questions? Email!

Thank-you sitting for volunteers

Sofie Wigren 22:41, 6 Feb 2023

WOOHOO time for the thank-you sitting for volunteers on Friday!!!
We have great news, entrance to the club is included in the sitting, you get in to the club with the stamp you get when entering the sitting. The sitting will take place between 19.00-21.15 at Göteborgs nation (same area as the club). Make sure to be there on time so you can enjoy the whole sitting. The club opens at 22.30 and our stamps will be valid until 23.00. Hope to see 150 Pitbulls on the dance floor;)

Payment for the alcohol package will take place this Wednesday between 11.30-13.00 (the 8th of February), in the Hilbert Corridor. NOTE: Everyone who has signed up for the alcohol package has to pay for it before the sitting, so if you can't make it there on Wednesday please ask a friend to pay for you.

If you want to gyckel during the sitting just let us know when we're there. Are you unsure if you're signed up? Check your mail, everyone who's filled out the form should have gotten a confirmation email. And finally, don't forget the costume!

Hilbert cafe open on monday

Samin Chowdhury 17:37, 5 Feb 2023

Are you cooking your lunch for tomorrow, Stop!

The past two mondays have been rough, with no hilbert baguettes or fika, but have no fear. Ladybugs have been found for the coming two week, the only thing missing are the workers. Sign up to be a worker theough the F-app (f-app > Other > Hilbert Café)

Information meeting for the Indroduction 2023

Lilly Berg 14:23, 2 Feb 2023

Do you, like us, think the Introduction is one of the best parts of the year? Do you want to be a part of welcoming all the new students to the Guild, but don't know how? Then be sure to come to our info meeting at 12:15(..) in MH:G on Monday 6/2 or Tuesday 7/2. The Tuesday meeting will be held in English. You can also find the details as an event in the F-app, or on Instagram @foset23! Hope to see you then! -Föset

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By-election for Merch Designer

Rebecca Jungåker 12:18, 1 Feb 2023

Since the position Merch Designer has at least one candidacy the election will close on Sunday 5/2 23.59. If you want to apply, send an email to

Summary of Board meeting F01-VT23

Aron Allen 21:01, 31 Jan 2023

The last board meeting (F01-VT23) was the first of the year, and here is a brief summary of what was discussed!

  • The authorised signatories are was updated as we have a bunch of newly elected heads of the committees
  • The Board updated the guild's flag days in accordance with the Parliament's
  • Much of the access to the embassy (bunker) and the archive in particular was withdrawn to reduce the risk of us losing these in the future
  • The ladybugs of the study period were selected
  • An item on editorial changes was tabled

If you would like to read more about the meeting and the motions in full, you can view the minutes on [the website][1]. All guild members are welcome to submit items for and to sit in on board meetings, the next board meeting will be held on 7/2 at 5:15pm in the LC. A small guide to board meeting procedures can be found [here][2].

Hope to see you there!
The Board

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