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Word Description
Nolla: Every new student at LTH is called a “nolla”, and that includes you. Nolla means zero and according to tradition you are not allowed to be called an “etta” (a student of the first year) before you have finished an introduction.
Nollning: The Swedish term for introduction, highly inspirered by the term nolla.
Fadder: Your mentor, an older Swedish student who will be your guide in this adventure. They will partake in every event and answer your every question.
Faddergrupp: You will belong to a group with the rest of the international students coming to the F-guild and 8 mentors.
Guild: At LTH there are eleven guilds. You belong to the F-guild and our colour is orange. During the introduction there will both be events that include only the F-guild and events that involve all the guilds so that you can have the chance to make new friends.
Föset: We’re the ones who have arranged the entire introduction. Every guild has their own Fös with 5-7 people. There’s five of us and we’re bearded and friendly. Don't hesitate to come to us with your questions or concerns, we know pretty much everything one can know about the introduction.