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Become a guild official

The F-guild is an active non-profit student organization. This implies that all the events and all the administrative behind the scenes work is done by the guild's members, our volunteers, during their free time. Becoming a volunteer at the F-guild is a good way to get to know new people, and to expand your contact network. It is also a great learning experience, as well as being great fun over all.

Becoming a volunteer in the guild can happen in one of three ways. For positions with big responsabilities, such as board members or presidents of a committee, one has to run for these positions at a guild assembly, held once in a semester. Information about the date of these assemblies and the election process can be found early in the semester, at Note that these positions often span an entire year, and may have a big language barrier, making them less suitable for international students.

During this election period, it is also possible to run for positions elected by the board after the guild assembly. The application process is also done at, but instead of being elected at the guild assembly, a special nomination group interviews all candidates for a special position, to then propose the best candidates to the board, where they are elected.

The third way to become a volunteer at the guild is by a supplementary election. This is done by contacting the relevant committee president for the position. There may not be any space left for the actual position; you can then apply for another position or wait until an election is announced.

You do not have to become a volunteer to engage in the F-guild! If you have an idea for an event or a project, do not hesitate to contact a president of a committee. If you are unsure of who to contact, you can always talk to the board.

Current supplementary elections

The following positions still have open slots. If you are interested and want to know more, contact the relevant committee president:

Committee Position Contact person
The Students' Educational Council Member of the programboard for N 20/21 Daniel Nesic