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Committée for Student Equality

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In order for all students to feel welcome and included in the guild, a perspective of equality is of uttermost importance in all the guild's activities. That is why the Committée for student equality exists.

Our mission is to make sure the guild has a policy of equality and that it is fulfilled. We arrange workshops for our volunteers to give them all information needed to better and evaluate their performance and activities. We also help and evaluate the other councils' goals regarding equal treatment.

The members of the Committée for Student Equality are easily recognised by their rainbow coloured tassels and you are always welcome to talk to any of them just about everything.

The President of the Committée for Student Equality has close contact with the Student Union at the Faculty of Engineering. The President also acts as student safety in regards to psychosocial health and accepts complaints about discrimination and offensive treatment. You are always welcome to contact our president, no matter how small or large your matter is! Of course, you can do so anonymously.

The Members of the Committée for Student Equality help plan events and workshops focusing on equality treatment. Examples are movie nights or discussion meetings regarding more sensitive subjects.